10 Best People Search Engines

People search engines are important in letting you source out information about people. At some point, you may want to find out information about someone you lost touch with. In other cases, you may want to find out more about someone you just met. It can be for business purposes or personal use.

Whichever the case, a peoples’ search engine will help you. There are many people search engines to choose from today. However, if you want success in your little detective work, you need to use the best. Here are the 10 best people search engines in 2019.

1. Pipl

Pipl is a search engine that can crawl the deep web to dig out information about given individuals. Contrary to normal search engines, Pipl does not follow regular ranking metrics. This search engine shows information that is from deep within where regular search engines may not get.

When you are looking for information about someone, you will not come across irrelevant pages as it is with popular search engines. This search engine targets blog entries, publications, photos, public record files, social networking sites, business sites, and other sources that may provide personal data.

With Pipl, you can search using the name, email or phone number. You can also use the residential address to find out more about the individual you are looking for.

2. Spokeo

Spokeo has been ranked as the best people search engine of 2019 by most people. The main reason being, it is the only search engine dedicated 100 percent to providing peoples’ data. This application goes deep into the web and crawls sites that cannot be indexed by regular search engines.

Unlike Facebook, Spokeo searches for people who are on other social media sites besides Facebook. Spokeo goes deep to look at public registries and international publications. With Spokeo, you can perform reverse phone lookup and direct phone number search.

If you have lost contact with any of your old friends, use Spokeo to get in touch again. You can also use this app to find more information about a prospective client. Businesses use reverse phone number lookup to find business leads. You can also find out more information about potential investors.

3. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and most effective people search engines. Today, nearly everyone that has access to the internet has a Facebook profile. Most people register to Facebook using personal email and phone numbers. Thanks to Facebook’s reckless handling of personal data, it is so easy to get information about anybody just by performing a simple Facebook search.

You can use Facebook for reverse number lookup or for the direct phone number search. In a nutshell, if you lost contact with a friend, you can search their name in Facebook and acquire their contacts. You can also find out someone’s name by searching their phone number on Facebook.

4. Spock

Spock is a search engine that allows you to find out more information about any person using several sources. This search engine focuses on indexing social media websites and news sources to help find information about people.

You can use Spock for reverse phone number search as well as direct search. The beauty of this engine is that it has various options for notification. If you search for information that is not available currently and you will be notified later if the information is made available.

5. 123people

123people is a search engine designed to help you find information about people. It is a very reliable source for personal information since it uses multiple sources of information. Mainly crawls through blogs and public records.

You also get notified if there are any developments regarding your searches. You can use this search engine to find information about your contact or find the contact of a person you know.

6. FastPeopleSearch

The company presents its concept as “Big-Data access to the general public”. Using FastPeopleSearch you can find out more about anyone by their name, location or cell phone number. It might help you find someone you lost your touch with or someone who has called you recently. According to their website data provided by this service is updated regularly.

The process on FastPeopleSearch is pretty much the same as on other similar websites. Their system searches millions of public records and provides you with valuable data on a person you search for. It has multiple levels of information availability and you can reach more info by sharing their website with someone.

7. Wink

Wink is a useful social search engine that focuses on forums, communities, and social media profiles. It helps their users to find people and their social media profiles without any difficulty. Wink is great for finding out more about someone you met online or for monitoring your competitors’ social media activity.

This people search engine process includes looking for data through a usual search engine along with processing data across social communities, social network profiles, and forums. Wink allows you to find people using their name, occupation, address, school or university, interests, etc. This particular search engine works better and gives more accurate results when you search for a specific person by his/her name.

8. Intelius

Intelius is one of the online tools that make our job easier when it comes to finding information about someone online. This search engine helps you find contact information and other personal data on somebody you are concerned about. It includes phone numbers, locations, email addresses, and other public records on any person that might be found online.

Intelius is one of the most available and easy to use people search engine as it helps discover and reconnect with long-lost family members, old school friends, and anyone who you met in your life during school, college and university or work years. Phone numbers, address history, ages, birthdates, marriage and divorce details can also be attained through Intelius.

9. Peek You

The company created in 2006 with headquarters in New York City. PeekYou positioning focuses on the statement that “The individual is at the center of the Internet”. We couldn’t agree more, especially when it’s the individual you need to find more about.

Their process based on patented technology that analyzes content from over sixty social websites, news portals, public records, and blog platforms to identify the real people behind traceable online footprints (like the content they’ve shared or uploaded, accounts they’ve created, etc).

This approach helps the system to combine those scattered digital marks into an accurate record of a person’s online identity. In simple words, PeekYou system calculates the likelihood of any link across the Internet being associated with a person you search for.

10. ZabaSearch

One of the most well-thought people search engines is ZabaSearch. It’s usually used for lookup on someone’s address or other contact information online. With this service, you can find the landline or cell phone numbers, addresses, other personal data on instant search results with no registration required.

Though it has minimalistic design ZabaSearch can find maximum information on a person you’re looking for. It also might be helpful to check the Top 25 Name Searches on their website, to find out if anyone has been searching for you recently.


There are many people search engines you can use to find out more information about someone. However, you need to choose the best. The above are among the best search engines for personal data lookup. To search for someone in Tennessee, feel free to check out the tennessee public court records free and find out more about them.

You can use Pipl to find out general information about anyone. You can also use Facebook and Google to try and source for information on anyone. You will not always be successful but most times you will get something. For the most reliable results, stick to Spokeo. Spokeo is one of the best peoples search engines you can trust.

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Author Bio: Mark Meyer works as the content manager at Spokeo, a service company that offers reverse number lookup and people search. His field of expertise includes business, marketing, and self – improvement. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and surfing.