What You Should Know About Your 12 Week Ultrasound

Congratulations! You have completed your first trimester. At this time, your baby is plum-sized – at least 2.1 inches in length and weighs roughly 0.49 ounces. Your baby is now developing at a higher rate than it was the previous week. So, your baby bump is becoming more visible.

This makes it the best time to go for your first ultrasound scan. Here is what you need to know about your 12-week pregnancy scan.

What Happens During This Scan?

When you go for an ultrasound, a sonographer will use a transducer device that emits high-frequency sound waves. When these waves contact a solid tissue, it is imaged on a screen then interpreted by a sonographer. So, to prepare for a clear image, ensure you drink a lot of water so that it lifts the uterus.

During the scan, the sonographer will apply some cold gel to your abdomen and gently move the transducer over the region. At the 12-week scan, you can easily see the fetus’s forehead, eye sockets, and tiny button nose, so you will notice the baby has an actual human appearance.

The sonographer will be with you the entire time, explaining what is happening. However, ensure that you learn more about a dating scan beforehand to know what to expect. You will find loads of information regarding this ultrasound – from what it is, why it is recommended, and what you can see.

Why Do You Need a 12-Week Ultrasound?

By the end of the first three months, there are various reasons to seek an ultrasound. However, some of the main reasons are:

· To know whether your baby is at risk of developing physical defects
· To check the possibilities of congenital chromosomal defects
· Check your baby’s heartbeat and blood pressure
· To confirm the date you conceived, which is used to guess the expected due date
· To identify whether it is a multiple pregnancy
· To check the fetus’s size and placental development

What to Expect?

At 12 weeks, this may be your very first time to see your baby in a tiny human form. This makes it a surprising week for you. This scan is mainly conducted on your abdomen.

3D Ultrasound – In a 3D screen, you will be able to see that your baby is developing most of its body parts. Your baby’s human tissues are developing rapidly. The fetus’s toes and fingers have developed and taken their normal shapes. Furthermore, the baby can now open and close its fingers and toes from time to time. You can also get a glimpse of the growth happening in the fetus’s brain.

4D Ultrasound – At 12 weeks, you will notice your baby is developing strong reflexes. If you are watching your baby on a 4D screen, try to gently poke your belly to see their movements based on their reflexes. Generally, during this week, the moving picture is clearer.

Many mums-to-be look forward to their first ultrasound. This ultrasound will give you a glimpse of your baby and strengthen your bond. If you like, take some printouts or a video CD of your baby to play at home.