Top 4 Favorite Sports In Tanzania

Although it is an undeveloped country, that does not mean that Tanzania does not focus on investing in sports, because this is a country with people with a great passion for all sports in the world. In this country, there are also many popular sports that people from old to young are very supportive of and love.

Not only that, but they also show their love of sports through the betting-entertainment model growing day by day in this country. If you are curious about that, you can learn the term sports betting, you will surely get interesting information there. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular sports in this small country.

1. Football

Football is probably the most loved sport in Tanzania. Although it is an undeveloped country, it still pays special attention to team training and development. Including the TFF, the management and supervision agency of Tanzanian football in general, and the Tanzania national team in particular. Although the Tanzania national team has achieved little success, football has always been a passion and invested in it.

The sad thing is that until now, Tanzanian football has never once had the opportunity to participate in the biggest football festival on the planet – the World Cup, but the Tanzania national team has also made two excellent appearances at the Cup of Nations. from Africa in the 1980s and 2019, although they only achieved the bottom of the table. But this also partly shows the endless effort and passion for football in this small country.

2. Basketball

In addition to football, basketball is also a sport loved by the people of Tanzania. Most schools or military camps in Tanzania have basketball clubs or classes. Currently, Tanzania also owns a basketball team representing the country to participate in international tournaments.

And certainly, when it comes to basketball, the name Hasheem Thabeet cannot be ignored – a great basketball player and the pride of small Tanzania. Hasheem Thabeet is the first Tanzanian to win an official slot in the most prestigious and largest basketball tournament in the world, the NBA.

3. Baseball

Next to the list of the most popular sports in Tanzania, baseball must be mentioned. Baseball in Tanzania is not as popular as football and basketball and has not been focused on investment and development. But Tanzanians have always loved watching this sport on television and learning how to play it.

Baseball is known to the people of Tanzania probably from a Japanese man named Shinya Tomonari, who was the President of the African baseball players association. It was he who partly brought the love and love of baseball to the people of Tanzania, since then, baseball classes have also been opened in high schools and received great love from the students.

4. Cricket

Cricket is a sport that has flourished in Africa in recent times, and Tanzania is no exception. Not only that but Tanzania’s national cricket team was honored to win the ICC Cricket League Division 4.

With this victory, cricket is increasingly focused on by the Tanzanian government for continuous development, and in the future, surely this country will achieve more success in the region.

Those are popular sports in Tanzania, and what sports are popular in your country?