How A/B Testing Can Help Increase Your Leads

With so many ways to create a marketing promotion, you sometimes need to take a step back and figure out the best ways to promote your brand and messaging to your audience. With techniques like A/B testing, you’re able to test out your assumptions about your campaign messaging, website, or other digital variables.

When you look at the statistical results, you might be surprised by what you learn. The real audience for your law practice may be different than you’d first envisioned, or they may be attracted to elements in your promos that are not what you’d thought.

Here’s a quick overview of A/B testing, with details on why it’s important and how it will help you increase your leads.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, also referred to as Multivariate Testing or Split Testing, is used in marketing to find out how variant factors will affect the response rate for ad test, a call-to-action, headline, or other elements.

Some 44% of companies use A/B testing to optimize their conversion rate and build their brands, particularly for landing pages. While A/B testing should be undertaken with careful planning and implementation, this methodology can significantly boost your ROI.

Why is A/B Testing Important?

A/B testing is a great way to experiment with your audience, to see what language and elements are most compelling. This Split Testing technique allows you to adjust your strategy and messaging for future campaigns to best attract and convert your prospects into clients for your legal practice.

To make the best use of your A/B testing, use statistical strategies to derive actionable details from your campaign or website test. Then, you can make decisions.

Improve Retention

A/B testing allows you to find out which elements are most attractive and compelling to your audience. When they stay on your site longer, you’ll reduce your bounce rate and increase your overall conversion rate for your legal practice.

You’re also improving your retention because you’re focusing on the features and elements that speak to your clients.

Better Engage with Your Audience

A/B testing allows you to reach out to your audience in a way that is compelling, inspiring action. With A/B testing, you can also segment your list and continue to reach out to each type of client in a way that speaks to each one.

There’s no one size fits all in legal marketing. Determine what works best for each segment of your audience and then target your marketing efforts to reach those prospects and clients.

Value Proposition

Your A/B test provides insight into whether your audience sees value in the services you’re offering. By testing the way, you present and describe your services, you’re learning how your audience perceives you and your practice.

It can help you understand the elements that you should include for future campaigns to help your audience to understand how you can help.


A/B testing is not rocket science. It should not be complicated, but it does take some thought. You need to determine which key elements you want to test and then implement the A/B test in a way that will give you the data you need for analysis.

You also need to determine how and when you will roll out your A/B testing, and what you will do with the statistical results of your testing. It may be easy, but it still needs to be part of a strategic approach. You don’t want to waste time and money.

Strategic Change

When you test your marketing campaign or website via A/B testing, you’re letting your audience determine what they want to see, read, and hear about you and your services.

It’s a strategy that involves lower risk for implementation since you’re moving forward based on what your audience is telling you. It also means that you’re virtually guaranteed a higher conversion rate.

The Next Step: Consult With an Expert

While you can prepare and put into place an A/B testing strategy for your website, campaigns, or other marketing strategies, it’s always best to get input from a marketing expert, particularly if you’ve never tried it before. Conducting A/B testing should be easy, but you can also make mistakes, which could cost you time, money, and clients.

Consider working with a marketing expert to ensure that your A/B testing efforts will go off without a hitch. The consultation can also review your entire marketing strategy and offer recommendations for how to improve your brand messaging, your promotions, campaigns, and how you respond to your prospects.

With top marketing tips and strategies that have been proven to work for other law practices, you’ll find that your marketing efforts will be more streamlined than ever before.