5 Pocket-Friendly Accommodation Options For A Comfortable Stay When Travelling

What is the first option of accommodation that comes to your mind when you plan a vacation to a new place? Many people will answer a hotel in unison. But do you know, a hotel is not the only option for accommodation?

You can book a hotel room for yourself and your family while taking a vacation; however, you will have to pay a handsome price for the same. And if the duration of your vacation is long, get ready to bear some more expenses. Eventually, your vacation will cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, there are some pocket-friendly alternatives to a hotel. The below-listed accommodation options not only provide you a comfortable stay during your vacation but also on other events.

1. Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are the most luxurious option of accommodation after hotels. Such properties do not cost you a fortune and ensure that you stay comfortable while making the most amenities. A vacation rental can be an independent house, a studio apartment, or a condo.

Vacation rentals make the best choice of accommodation for people traveling in large groups. Suppose you are traveling with your group to Chicago; you can reserve one of the best rental apartments there, and expect a peaceful stay. Such properties include spacious rooms, kitchen area, living room, balcony, parking space, and other amenities. You can cook your food as well. If you’re thinking to book a rental apartment, checkout these amazing options here.

2. Homestays

Another go-to alternative to a hotel for many people is a homestay. A homestay lets you reserve a room in someone else’s home. You can look for a homestay by exploring some long-established hospitality networks. You can also inquire with the locals and find out the best homestay.

However, we suggest you book a homestay before landing at the new place. It will help you avoid all the last-moment hassle associated with finding a sober place to stay. Some homestays offer free food as well.

3. Short-Term Rentals

The concept of short-term rentals has become famous throughout the world. Many websites and independent providers are offering a short-term rental service to their guests. You can call a short-term room rental a cross between homestays and vacation rentals.

Short-term rentals let you enjoy all the home-like amenities. You can rent a room in someone’s home. You can even rent a cottage or a private apartment at pocket-friendly rates. Booking a short-term rental property is the best alternative if you are likely to stay in a new city for a longer duration – more than a week or so. You can even book a short-term rental for a few months.

4. Hostels

Hostels remain a popular accommodation option among young travelers and backpackers who look forward to exploring new places without making a hole in a pocket. A hostel can be an excellent hotel alternative if you are a budget traveler of any age.

Hostels make a perfect choice for all unscheduled travelers. You can get a bed in a shared dorm and sleep comfortably. Some hostels also provide a basic private room with all the basic amenities. And if you are an extrovert, you will make many friends at this place of stay.

5. Academic Housing

Many universities and colleges open their hostels and dormitories for visitors when their students leave for the summer/winter break. It gives you a chance to stay comfortably and save yourself from splurging money on hotels.

Another advantage of academic housing – you don’t have to run from pillar to post to find cafes, restaurants, bars, or other venues of entertainment. All these places are located nearby.


Now that you have learned about the different options of accommodation, choose the best one and save ample money.