Achieve Your Fitness Goals Wherever You Are With These Tips

For most of us, 2020 has been an extraordinary year as so many of our freedoms have been taken away, but we have also stopped doing those things that kept us healthy, cycling to work, for example. As borders closed and travel has changed so drastically, we need to look for new ways to keep ourselves healthy at home.

If we travel, we must stay in quarantine for 14 days everywhere, which has effectively eliminated the business travel industry, gone are the days of a redeye to Singapore for a meeting, and on to another destination the next day or at weeks end. If you are traveling, then what can you do in the hotel? Everyone’s safety has to be considered. Can we use the AC, the pool, or the gym!

Gym! Out of The Question

For many people, this is true, so perhaps people are looking for an alternative looking for exercise equipment that is portable. Now we might be thinking of finding something we can use in all locations, work, home hotels, and a small portable elliptical machine that might be the perfect solution. Most of this type of equipment can not be small enough to fit in a case because it is just too large. 

Even those of us working from home now, most or all of the time, need an easy portable solution. Perhaps just something that allows us to exercise and work! An under desk elliptical is a tidy small, portable piece of exercise equipment that will fit the new lifestyle of many home-bound professionals. These handy little items store and sit under your desk and provide some of the benefits of a cross-trainer, walking, running even stairs climb settings. 

Whatever type of training you choose, as with all new routine’s set goals, short and long term, make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realist, and Timebound. Reward yourself incrementally for achieving them as in this new world that is constantly changing, you have to set your new normal.

Exercise Broke up My Day

This is true for many people the gyms are often closer to where we work, or we feel the benefit of breaking up our desk-bound day with exercise. Maybe you are not comfortable exercising outside, there are still risks. We know it is healthy to be out in the sun, but the new normal might be taking this in on our balcony or yard, but we still need the exercise.

I Miss My Bike

In our new normal, riding to work is still possible, but if you only go in twice a week, you will still take a ride before you start to work, the list of adjustments goes on and on. There is so much that needs to change starting with your mindset is probably the best advice.

Then think about building a new routine around a piece of equipment you can always have with you or can keep under the desk, and who knows, when you do go back to work immunized and ready for anything, you might take your new elliptical with you and leave it there!