An Ultimate Guide For Achieving a Fit Body

Contrary to popular belief that being thin means you are fit and being fat is unhealthy is a myth. Use science to determine or consult a doctor to certify whether you are fit or not. 

Being too light for your (BMI) Body Mass Index falls under malnutrition, being too heavy is also malnutrition. 

We all know the dangers of being too heavy as the media popularized the risks of heart disease and stroke. But being too thin also poses health risks equal to being overweight. Being too light makes you suffer from decreased immunity and osteoporosis on vitamin D deficiency, which means if you catch an illness, it will be severe and might expire from it similar to the risk of stroke. 

You Need to Follow These Steps

1. Determine your BMI. Get a weighing scale and a measuring tape to determine your height and calculate your BMI = Weight/height^2. If your score 25 and above means you need to lose weight. If you score less than <18.5, you need to gain weight.  

2. Now that you have already determined your BMI, the key is discipline! You must be determined to be fit and not give up on your goal. Whether you fail or succeed, you need to follow your schedule or diet. We all fail like I’ll have a couple of beers and a slice of pizza but ending up consuming the whole pie and six-pack of beer.

Few movies then body build later until you forgot about it for a month, but you need to get back up again and follow the routine or otherwise, your dream will be useless. 

3. So you are underweight? If you are underweight, you need BodyBuilding. The solution is not: “I’ll just eat tons of food every day.” It will just leave you probably even more underweight because of metabolism.

You need to exercise to build body mass like lifting weights to reach the ideal BMI of 21-22 and eat nutritious high in protein and a balanced diet and supplements might also help. 

4. What if you are overweight? You are not alone, losing weight is like having a business, you have accumulated calories you’ve stored up over the years like a debt that you didn’t pay. you need to expend those calories and turn those fats to bone, organ, and muscle tissues that your body needs.

Calculate how much calories you eat to reduce the amount you consume and increase the amount you burn daily since you want to lose weight. For example, you eat 4000 calories a day and a man who only needs 2500 calories to eat just 2000 will help, adding a drug approved fat burning supplement might also help burn more than the average, burn 3000 calories that way you lose 1000 calories daily.

In months or years, you’ve burned all your excess calories and achieved the ultimate fit body you’ve dreamed of. 


To recap, use science to know what you need to do, discipline to achieve your goal Lao Tzu said, “watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” You want your habits to achieve the fit body you’ve dreamed of.