Acne Breakout? Here’s What to Do About it

Adult acne is a skin condition that affects almost 50 million Americans annually, and an acne breakout is possibly one of the worst things that can happen to your face. While you might have tried all the lotions, serums, and facial treatments out there, going back to the root of the cause is more crucial than anything else. Understanding how your face and skin behave well, in fact, prevent most acne breakouts

What Causes an Acne Breakout?

An acne breakout differs from one person to the other, and it can spread anywhere, not just on your face. Acne can be zits, pimples, white or blackheads, cysts, and nodules. The reason a breakout can occur is due to your hormones, how your hair follicles become oversaturated with oil, and your pores become clogged. When that happens, a bacteria called P.  Acnes are released and causes your skin to become inflamed, thus producing acne. 

Even though acne can sometimes be a genetic condition, there are ways that you can help prevent it by changing a few habits. Acne breakouts can occur for many reasons; believe it or not, it can be due to certain ingredients in your skin care lotions, creams, or serums.

Your diet can also be the culprit as certain vegetables and spicy food can also cause a breakout by affecting your skin’s pH levels, while other people can also have an allergic reaction to certain foods like dairy or gluten. Not changing your pillow sheets regularly or not cleaning your makeup brushes properly can also cause bacteria buildup on your skin. Hormones and stress can also induce a breakout. 

Why Preventing a Breakout is Vital 

As much as many believe this pimple or zit will go away, it’s necessary to avoid breakouts as much as possible to avoid any permanent damage to your skin. Skin care professionals at Reflection Center believe that acne scars can easily form due to any type of acne that causes inflammation in the pores.

As a result, the collagen is affected and your skin creates scar tissue. For some people, acne scar removal is often recommended to restore your smooth and supple skin back to its original form. Acne scars can cause uneven skin, pits as the fat cells break down, and it worsens with age.

How to Treat an Acne Breakout 

In order to properly treat a breakout and avoid it from happening again, you need to develop specific skin care habits that will protect your pores. Consider the following remedies: 

Keep Your Face Clean 

Having an active day can cause bacteria buildup and grime to gather all over your face or skin. So, it’s a no brainer that you need to develop a skin care routine where you wash away the day’s effects all over your face. You need to wash your face daily, at least twice a day, to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and any other impurities that will cause acne to build up.

Use warm water with a mild, acne-friendly cleanser.  Make sure that you don’t heavily scrub your face because that’s just a recipe of acne scarring. Use a gentle washcloth or your pre-washed hands. 

Use Topical Treatments 

Over-the-counter topical treatments usually have acne-fighting agents that can help clear out your face in no time. Most of the ingredients used are chemical exfoliants that work on unclogging your pores and killing acne bacteria. Some treatments also help fight inflammation and offer cooling effects on your skin. However, you need to be careful if you also have sensitive skin because these can be quite harsh; they’re only recommended to use during a breakout.

Meanwhile, it might take a while to discover which treatment works best for you. So be patient, find out what works and what doesn’t, and make that your go-to breakout treatment. 

Avoid Harsh Products 

During a breakout (or generally, if you’re always prone to acne) consider avoiding harsh makeup products that will cause your pores to clog even further. Make sure you skimp out on the heavy foundation and use chemical-free and oil-free makeup products; these will be softer on your skin and will prevent clogged pores.

When you do use makeup, make sure that you wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day. Never sleep with your makeup on, and make sure you don’t wear makeup the entire day, either. 

Acne is a serious skin condition that many people neglect. When you develop better habits and make sure to avoid any acne scarring, you’ll notice better results. Acne is treatable when the root of the cause is explored and figured out. And when you do find it out, only then will you be able to choose the right remedy.