Activities That Are Stopping Millennials From Personal Growth

Millennials are widely assumed to have a focus on personal growth. Sometimes this is used as a criticism, while others see the positives in having this kind of attitude.

But personal growth can be blocked by a lot of different factors. Here are some of the activities that could be preventing millennials from hitting their personal growth goals.

Social Media

Millennials are from the social media generation, so it would perhaps be unfair to tell them to restrict the amount of time they spend on sites such as Instagram.

Of course, different social media sites attract various sections of society. Facebook is now seen as a social media site for older people, having initially been aimed at college students.

Meanwhile, new social media options are being launched all the time. Even millennials might be confused about the rapid growth of TikTok, which is aimed at a much younger crowd.

Social media can be a force for good. Many millennials have used their social media presence as a way to raise money for charity or to increase awareness of various good causes.

But spending too much time on social media can stop millennials from personal growth.

Playing Online Slots

Gambling can be a harmless hobby, but millennials should be cautious when logging into online casino sites to play games such as online slots.

Playing slots can easily ruin one’s life, no matter what the experts say. Even playing games such as Lucky Firecracker for free will end up costing you.

It might seem as though playing free online slots is a smart move. After all, this is a chance to try out new games, or some different online casinos, without having to risk any real money.

But the reality is that even playing online slots for free can lead to gambling addiction.

It is thought that as many as two million Americans might be struggling with an addiction to gambling, so this should be avoided at all costs.


Millennials are often characterized as struggling to get a grip on their money.

It has become a cliche to criticize millennials for spending too much of their disposable income on things such as takeaway coffees and avocado toast.

As the theory goes, this prevents millennials from being able to save the large amount of money needed in order to be able to put down a deposit to buy a house or an apartment.

It may not be accurate to say avoiding buying coffee can lead to saving a deposit, but it is fair to point out millennials are not great at looking after their finances.

There is a wide array of unexpected expenses that young adults need to prepare for, with a rainy day fund seen as a must in case some of this spending becomes necessary out of the blue.

At the end of the day, personal growth may be pointless if millennials are not able to save up enough money to secure their financial future.

Prioritising Personal Fitness over a Search for Love

Many millennials are putting the search for love on the back burner, with a focus on their personal fitness seen as more of a priority.

According to a recent study called Generation Travel, finding love is only a priority for just over one in 10 (12 percent) millennials right now.

Instead, a quarter (24 percent) of the respondents to the study said fitness was their main target in 2020, while 30 percent listed mental health as their main goal for the year.

“The report into global millennial travelers has identified a new type of vacationer, one that is actively investing in becoming better versions of themselves,” said vice-president of global brand Josh Belkin.

Personal growth is different for everyone but are millennials missing out on the personal growth that can be achieved from finding love and starting a family?

Research published earlier in the year found that the average age of parents in America has risen by a substantial amount. The typical age of first-time mothers in America is now 26, up from 21, while the same metric for fathers is at 31 having previously been at 27.

It is fair for millennials to focus on personal growth in different ways, but perhaps some of the above activities could be blocking their progress in this regard.