4 Excellent Tips For Adding A Personal Touch To Any Headstone

People have always wanted to do something unique and personal to remember someone who is already gone. It brings comfort to the ones who are left behind as they can better honor and show their love and appreciation for the person.

One of the ways people do this is by adding a personal touch to their loved ones’ headstones. It has always been a thing in the past that graves are endowed with special markers befitting the person it was intended for. There are four other ways in which you can add something to remember them by better.

Cemetery Vases

Leaving flowers on a person’s grave is a gesture that has become very important to a lot of people and cultures. Most people like to remember their loved ones by buying their favorite flowers and putting them next to their gravestones. Most of the time, the flowers are left there to dry, waiting for someone to put it away or be blown by wind since they are mostly laid on the ground.

To make it more convenient for you and other people, putting cemetery vases that can securely hold the flowers would be a great idea. It will definitely ensure that they are kept in place and will beautifully adorn the place even when they are dried out.

Engraved Quotes

Gravestones always have key information engraved on them. Most epitaphs have inscriptions detailing the person’s name, person’s special dates and some verses or quotes to remember them by.

To make it more personalized, choose a phrase that will make you remember the person. It can be anything from their favorite shows, movies, or even expressions they always like saying. Some of the most famous sayings have already been used by others so it helps to choose a line that is definitely unique to the person.

Headstone Photos

Visual cues are some of the best ways to add a personal touch to a headstone. You can choose a photo of your loved one and have them made into memorial photos which will definitely help people who visit remember them.

Most people like it in monochrome but you can always choose a photo that is in their most likeness. Even if the existing headstone is already without one, there are ways you can add a photo by sticking it to an empty space of the stone.


A sculpture can be anything that reminds anyone of the person like figures of their favorite animal or car. It can also be a sculpture of the person who can be a bust or a small figure from head to foot. Depending on your preference, this marker will surely help anyone find the headstone better and easier.

A personal touch to a headstone can add a detail that can reflect who the person was. More than that, it can reflect the love and appreciation of the people left behind for them. These are some of the ways you can add a little something that can really help you remember a person by.