4 Ways To Address Entrepreneurial Confidence Problems

One of the most disconcerting aspects of owning a business is that feeling where everything seems to be flying underneath you. Confidence is one of those components that makes you a better entrepreneur in many ways, from communication to leading and working. What does it take to ensure that you can feel more confident as a business owner, by altering aspects of yourself and the business?

1. Addressing Your Key Insecurities

You can address what you are concerned about, but if the problems purely stem from the business and you are concerned with the future, there are things you can do to keep your stresses at bay. Something as simple as a business line of credit can give you peace of mind because it is a flexible finance option that you can access if you experience problems. It’s a more proactive way of dealing with financial issues.

2. Managing Your State

A lot of entrepreneurs understand that the work can have a direct impact on their frame of mind. If you are trying to be more confident, you need to present yourself as more confident. Confidence is reflected in how we “show up” to things, whether it’s meetings, delivering a speech to employees, or just sitting in the office. There’s an amazing TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on the power of posture which can do a lot to make us feel better about ourselves.

3. Stop Aiming for Perfection

Part of the reason we feel insecure in our business practices is that we haven’t been able to cover every component. The reality is that the best entrepreneurs know how to embrace fear.

If you are trying to set up a company, it’s not about getting it perfect, but about getting it done. You will get feedback from clients and customers as soon as you launch your business, and the reality is that many things can wait until after the business has started, whether it’s your website or perfecting your tone of voice.

It’s important to improve as you go because these are all things that will need changing further down the line, so you might as well get into the mindset that nothing is ever going to be perfect. Remember, paintings are never finished but merely abandoned.

4. Find a Network You Can Relate To

We all want advice on how to improve our business. The best thing we can all do is surround ourselves with people that inspire us to achieve more, but we have to be realistic. This depends on the type of person you are.

If you don’t have the ability to give yourself wholeheartedly to a full-time business because you’re a parent or have limited experience, good advice from the right type of person that can empathize with you is going to make a big difference and will ensure that you can start expanding your business in a more realistic and manageable way. 

Confidence is one of those overused terms, especially in business. You are expected to lead and make big decisions so if you want to feel more confident as a business owner, there are some components here that can make a big difference, but none as big as understanding what you need to overcome within yourself. You are the obstacle, not your business.