The Advantages of Lab-grown Diamonds

Buying diamonds is a major decision and is a heavy financial investment. The use of lab-grown diamonds became a viable and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds, and it seems that this trend will gain more momentum. This is because of the benefits that lab-grown diamonds carry.

The International Gem Society states that the first synthetic diamond was processed in 1954 in a project named Project Super Pressure. Since then, scientists have made major improvements in the processing of lab-grown diamonds, and have come up with better lab made diamonds.

The following are the main advantages of lab-grown diamonds:

Better Pricing

Diamonds do not come cheap- they are a status of wealth. If you are able to get high-quality diamonds at an affordable price, then the better. Lab-grown diamonds give you a rare combination of high-quality diamonds at a price that you can afford. With lab-grown diamonds, you are going to get a bigger size of diamonds.

The Ethics of Lab-Grown Diamonds

When it comes to mined diamonds, it is not easy to know their origins. You can only rely on what the diamond vendor says. The fact is that mining sites for diamonds are characterized by human rights abuse and low wages. Human rights activists have consistently warned consumers that mined diamonds are in fact conflict diamonds. Consumers do not want to be associated with such unethical practices.

The good news is that lab-grown diamonds have a very clear trail of the stages of processing the diamonds. As a matter of fact, if you want to visit the lab to verify, you will be allowed to do so.

Closely connected to this is environmental sustainability. Diamond mining requires deep mining, and in addition to that, it requires a lot of fuel. This affects the natural habitat of wildlife and can have a negative health impact on neighborhoods. Moreover, accidents during mining are not uncommon which have led to loss of lives.

Lab-grown diamonds are made by professionals who are skilled and labs do not use child labor. In short, lab-grown diamonds are not tainted and they follow best practices when it comes to ethics.

The younger generation is very particular about the consumer choices they make, and they have a high affinity for synthetic diamonds.

The Quality of Lab Grown Diamonds is as Good as Mined Diamonds

Many consumers think that lab-grown diamonds have a lower quality when compared to mined diamonds. This is simply not true. With modern technology, and the input of scientists, lab-grown diamonds are as good as mined diamonds and one is not going to note the difference.

In some cases, lab-grown diamonds have fewer flaws and imperfections when they are compared to mined ones. Lab-grown diamonds are high-quality diamonds regarding their sturdiness, structure, and sparkle. Some even say that lab-grown diamonds are more beautiful than the mined ones.

Better Color

The color of the diamond matters a lot as it influences how others will perceive your treasure. Again, if you want to gift your special one a diamond treasure, you want the color to be appealing. It is very rare to get the color you want from mined diamonds, and even if you get it, it’s going to be dull.

Lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of colors, and the colors are appealing. This makes lab-grown diamonds a better choice.

Rare Carat

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