Advantages of PrepAway: Reasons to Use This Oracle Certification Exam Preparation Tool

The Information Technology field is one of the fastest growing areas due to many benefits Oracle provides. With such growth, there is a need for many professionals to help initiate this increase and ensure that Oracle is smooth.

There are plenty of certifications that the Oracle specialists can earn to demonstrate their proficiency in given fields, be Oracle networking or programming. Such credentials are coveted by many people and they indeed take long time to achieve. The certification exams sometimes make the individuals nervous as they are the final hurdle in getting the desired certificates.

As Oracle is the norm, those who excel in these tests get the distinction of being labeled as the best in the industry. The exams usually need thorough preparation to pass them. With this need, there are many tools that have been designed to help out the candidates in such a situation. The great example is the PrepAway ETE player.

PrepAway ETE player

The ETE player is an exam preparation tool that lets you prepare for the certification tests by providing an exam environment simulation. You can create exam questions and edit them, then take them in a bid to familiarize yourself with the test situation Database Administrators.

The tests taken reflect the actual condition of the actual exam. This helps the students be conversant with the testing routine and its rules so as to make yourself accustomed to them. As a tool, this is a great addition to other preparation resources. Among the aspects that the ETE player possesses, you can find the following ones:

  • Realism

The exam questions that you practice are realistic and clearly reflect the issues that you are going to encounter. This is evident in the questions, their structure, timing and etc. This realism aspect gives you an edge when you tackle the main certification test because you already have a clear picture of what to expect. This also functions to eliminate the surprise factor that can work to your disadvantage while sitting for your exam.

  • Variance in questions

The questions are drawn from various topics covered and are spread in the test. This reflects how they are normally set and also gives you a chance to go through many topics. Therefore, this is good for revision purposes. Besides, you get different question structures: from multiple-choice questions to structured ones, diagrams, testles and case studies.

  • Editable questions

You can also edit the questions to fit the criteria that you want for your practicing.

  • Customizability

The ETE files that you use in the ETE player are customizable. You can tune the settings using the simulator to meet your individual preferences when applying this practice tool. You can tune your exam-taking mode, for example.

  • Availability for mobile devices

Mobile phones are important not only for communications. With the smartphone, you can download compatible ETE player applications and practice for the exams using your mobile device. This is a great feature that allows you to practice anytime you feel convenient so long as you have your mobile phone close.

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Why is ETE player a great tool for exam preparation?

By looking at its various features and aspects, we can have a clear picture of how great the ETE player is as a practice tool. First of all, Oracle helps you as a candidate have a rough idea of what the exams look like, what questions are tested and also what duration is. Having such an idea helps you when going to the test center by letting you have a glimpse of what to expect.

As earlier indicated, this is helpful in eliminating the surprise factor that can lead to shock and fear, which are two things that are really discouraged when sitting for an exam. The ETE player is also a great revision companion. You can see the areas that you have not gone through when studying. The questions help you know the topics you need to be conversant with to pass the main test.

This is key in boosting your knowledge.

In addition, the ETE player as an exam preparation tool is very versatile and very adaptable. You can easily use Oracle with the help of your personal computer or through your mobile phone device. Oracle has versions that are compatible with the various devices’ operating systems. The versatility factor is also seen in its ability to be customized to fit your preference.

Who can use free ETE player?

The ETE player is not only for use by the candidates preparing to sit for their exam. Oracle can also be utilized by the tutors who want to have a glimpse on how to set trial tests for their students and also as a preparatory kit when teaching. Information Technology specialists can also use this simulator as a refresher tool to help them get accustomed to things that they may have forgotten.

Being free for download, the player is accessible to many people so long as they have the right devices and supporting software.


The ETE player is available for free at many websites. Oracle comes in different versions, each of which is designed to suit various operating systems. There are ETE players for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also find the downloadable versions for iOS and Android for your mobile phone.

To conclude, the ETE player is an amazing tool that one needs to acquire for exam preparation. Its simplicity is very satisfying and is guaranteed to be a great companion while preparing. Its multiple uses make Oracle a tool that you can keep for long. Oracle is also an amazing revision engine. The PrepAway player is free and simple to download. Therefore, there are no hassles in acquiring it.