What Is The All-On-4 Dental Procedure? 5 Pros And Cons

A person’s teeth can make or break one’s appearance and self-esteem. An unhealthy diet and lack of dental attention can lead to decayed or damaged teeth. For some, the damage had already been done, and they may be looking for ways to restore their smile to its former glory.

One of the greatest innovations of dentistry is the All-On-4 dental procedure. They are the next best thing to natural teeth. It’s a cutting-edge solution that has helped people who have suffered tooth loss or decay.

What Is This Procedure?

The All-On-4 dental procedure is one of the most sophisticated and fascinating ways to restore complete function to a person’s mouth. Many clinics like Chapnick Dental have offered this service to help those people who need this state-of-the-art procedure.

Traditional dentures that rest on top of the gums are still highly popular, but there are numerous characteristics about them that many patients feel to be flawed. Denture adhesives, for example, are known to loosen prematurely, resulting in potentially unpleasant circumstances in which the dentures break from the gums abruptly.

Furthermore, the strength of the denture adhesive’s connection restricts what the user may eat, prohibiting many of their favorite items from being consumed.

For these reasons, many patients are opting for the All-On-4. Here are some pros and cons that come with the procedure.

5 Pros Of The All-On-4 Dental Procedure

1. Quick Procedure

It might be one of the reasons why most people choose the All-On-4 procedure. It’s possible to accomplish the whole process in a short amount of time. Rather than waiting months or years to replace one tooth at a time, you may have all of your teeth replaced at once after the implant sites have healed.

2. Fast Recovery time

One of the significant advantages of All-On-4 dental implants is that it’s a very painless operation with a quick recovery process and shouldn’t cause any discomfort.

3. Improves your oral health

Because they lower the incidence of dental disorders like gingivitis, the all-on-4 procedure improves your oral health in the long run.

4. They’re good as new

After the procedure, you’ll have all of your teeth back. Everything is restored, and after some time, you’ll be able to go back and eat the food you used to enjoy with a whole set of teeth. You’ll also be getting that boost of confidence once you get back your perfect smile after some time of getting used to the implants.

5. Frictionless

What’s good about the All-On-4 procedure is that it’ll be implanting a whole arch of teeth within 4 points. It’ll result in better comfort than traditional dentures, even with the most expensive adhesive, as there won’t be any friction between the implant and your gums.

all on 4 dental procedure

5 Cons Of The All-On-4 Dental Procedure

1. There’s an adjustment period

The All-On-4 approach is not an instant cure like all other medical or dental procedures. You’ll need to heal for a couple of days, but it’s faster than traditional methods. You’ll also have a slight difficulty in speech, which would usually take a week until the way you speak goes back to normal.

2. They might cost more

The initial cost of the procedure can look expensive, but a pair of removable dentures is more costly than an All-On-4 dental implant in the long run. Removable dentures don’t usually need surgery, and they’re also less technically challenging.

But as a person’s mouth changes over time, additional sets of dentures will be required. Furthermore, if the dentures are ever lost or destroyed, the expense of replacement will accumulate over time.

3. The need for a deeper installation

The All-On-4 implants are angled to let them penetrate deeper into the jaw. As a result, they can withstand tremendous pressure, requiring just four implants for a complete dental bridge. It can be a disadvantage for those who might be scared of the pain that may come with it, but dentists assure patients that it’s a very comfortable procedure.

4. The need for self-control

Your gums may become tender during the healing process, leading to a slight problem when eating for a few days. Also, just like any other dental procedure, it’s advised to avoid hard-to-chew foods such as nuts.

5. Failed implant

Although incidents are very minimal, they do exist. 95% of implants are a success, meaning there’s still a 5% chance that it fails. As with other procedures, it’s not impossible, but it’s also not without danger.

The Takeaway

The All-On-4 dental procedure is a state-of-the-art procedure that allows people to regain the confidence they have lost from losing their precious asset, their smile. It’s important to know that this procedure still has a risk, as with other counterparts. However, the benefits of getting back your complete smile outweigh the disadvantages of the process itself.

Furthermore, your teeth are critical assets that you need to take care of to boost your everyday wins.