Best Alternate to Find My iPhone App for Parents

A family locator app is incredibly useful for parents in the 21st century. Our children are exposed to the digital world from the moment they’re able to follow the movement on a screen, and thus they can be exposed to danger no matter where they are!

But using a locator app can help to safeguard your kids as they grow up in a digital world. And when you’re using Apple products in your household, you can rely on apps like Find My iPhone to keep track of where your children are and what they’re up to.

However, you might have found this particular locator app a little lacking in the past. Indeed, many parents feel like Find My iPhone is no longer the best app to use to keep your kids safe, and for various reasons:

Drawbacks of Find My iPhone

1. No Location History

Find My iPhone does not keep logs of where your child has been, making it difficult to track their outside behavior.

2. Works Only for iOS

As it finds iPhones, the app is unavailable for any Android users.

3. No Geofence

You won’t be able to set virtual limits on your child’s movement with Find My iPhone. As such, it’ll be easier for them to wander off or get lost without your knowledge.

4. No Speed Alerts

Following on from the missing feature above, you also won’t be able to keep up with your child’s movement in real-time either. If they run into trouble, there’s no guarantee you’ll know about it.

The Best Alternative to Find My iPhone: Family Orbit

If you’re tired of using Find my iPhone, we’ve got a good alternative for you: Family Orbit.

What is Family Orbit?

Family Orbit is a family locator app, that allows you to track your child in real-time when out and about. You can also monitor all phone activity when they’re away from home, no matter what OS you’re using in your household.

Features of Family Orbit

• Location History

Keep an eye on where your child has been, no matter how much time has passed.

• Real-Time Tracker

Keep up with their movements as they happen and help them stay out of trouble.

• Virtual Geofence

Set a boundary on where your child can go that’ll ping back to you both if they cross it.

• Phone Activity Monitoring

Make sure they’re only receiving texts and calls from people they know.

If you want to check in with your child when they’re headed out without you, Family Orbit is our number one pick. You can find out where your child has been in real-time, and you can ensure they don’t go too far without your say-so. You’ll also be able to get a look into who your child is talking to, ensuring the chance for ‘stranger danger’ is kept to a minimum.

To find out more about how Family Orbit can help you, check out our webpage or download our free trial to test out these features yourself.