What Are Angel Numbers?

If you’ve ever noticed repeating number sequences in your day to day life, like 111, 444, 888, etc., then, you’ve likely experienced what many have come to know as angel numbers. Simply put, angel numbers are seemingly coincidental number patterns that many believe are actually a way for angels to speak to humans.

Angel numbers work in sync with numerology, which is the study of different numbers in one’s life. The study of these numbers focuses on the idea that the universe can be broken down into basic elements, like numbers.


Angel numbers can date back to as far as the sixth century BC, but it’s hard to put an exact date as to when these angel numbers first came into play. While many believe that angel numbers originated from the Bible, this may not necessarily be true. A more accurate description of the origin of angel numbers would be to relate them to numerology, which came about between 500 and 600 BC.

While the history of angel numbers is important, what’s more important is understanding what different angel numbers can mean and why your angel may be sending you, for example, angel number 777 throughout the day.

Meanings Of Different Angel Numbers

Each of the number patterns has a different meaning. Having said that, here’s the meaning of different angel numbers:

• 000: It represents messages of love that are sent from either the universe or another source. These numbers are trying to tell an individual that they’re loved and aligned with their path.

• 111: This number pattern is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts.

• 222: This is a representation of peace and harmony, which could already be present in your life at the moment or you might still be looking for.

• 333: This is an answer to one’s prayers and can also represent growth.

• 444: This pattern reveals itself if angels are currently with you.

• 555: This could mean big, positive changes to come or you’re currently going through. This can also mean that you’re thinking about your future.

• 666: This serves as a form of encouragement when you’ve been doubting yourself or believing you’re not good enough. When these numbers start appearing in your life, you may want to pay more attention to your thoughts.

• 777: This number pattern could be a sign that you should relax and leave fears behind you so you can prepare for the future. Repeated sevens can also be an invitation for learning and growth.

• 888: This represents infinity or an endless loop of energy that’s meant to bring balance into your life.

• 999: Repeating nines can represent completion, as well as the beginning of a new chapter.

When angel numbers appear in your life, it’s important to pay attention to how you’re feeling when they do because this will help you to correctly and effectively interpret what your angels are trying to tell you.

Why You See Them

Now that you know what the different kinds of angel numbers mean, the next question would be, “Why do you see them in the first place?”

The reason for such can be quite simple: the universe is trying to guide you through these number patterns. Not only can these number sequences, when properly understood, help one to understand challenges in their life, but they can also help a person reach whatever goals they’ve set.

Here are ten of the most common reasons why someone may be seeing angel numbers in their day to day life:

1. Spiritual awakening
2. Complete divine support
3. A new journey is unfolding
4. Part of something greater
5. Being watched over and/or protected
6. Remembering who you really are
7. Ready to heal
8. In sync with a higher self
9. An angel is always with you
10. You are loved

Learning to interpret angel numbers can be that one key to determining what the reason is for the angel numbers in your life.


In simple terms, angel numbers might simply mean as repeating number patterns you see in your everyday life. However, in a more complex sense, angel numbers can be a way for the universe to reach out to you through different angles and signs based on which numbers you’re seeing.

The best way to get the most out of angel numbers is to understand why they’re appearing and what they’re trying to say. If you can understand these patterns, you can fully utilize their presence to set the course of your life in the right direction.