3 Ways Animals Make Us Mentally Stronger

Having a pet can be a bit challenging (after all they are living beings with needs of their own), but it’s also incredibly beneficial. Pets teach us about friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love while providing us with pure moments of joy and affection. 

Moreover, people’s perspective on the owner-pet relationship has changed. Today, over 95% of pet owners think of them as friends or family members and demand the same from those close to them. 

As a result, the unshaken bond between an animal and their human is so strong that we can rely on them for our mental wellbeing as well. According to recent scientific studies, animal therapy is a very effective method to help people deal with sadness, anxiety, and loneliness. 

But you don’t need to be in therapy or suffer from a mental health imbalance to get support from your animal friend. In fact, here are five ways animals can help us cope with various difficult issues in life and get mentally stronger:

1. Keep Anxiety under Control

Both children and adults go through various anxious periods, which is normal as long as we learn to keep it under control. However, studies show that children who grow up with pets have better chances of keeping their nervousness under control. Even more, animals are so good at helping us go through anxious episodes that they can become licensed companions for adults who suffer from severe anxiety.

In this situation, the owner has to apply for emotional support animal registration, which is a simple and easy process. After this, your pet will be able to accompany you in a wide range of social situations. 

2. Pets & Stress

In today’s day and age, it’s enough to open the TV to the news or simply go online to feel your stress and blood pressure rising. If we pair this with a stressful work environment (which one isn’t?) you get a recipe for disaster (from a wellbeing and health state). 

However, it seems that people who live with pets are less stressed. Studies show that the simple act of stroking a pet (dog, cat, turtle, parrot, or any other living animal) or having them welcome you at the door when you get back home is so powerful that the levels of cortisol decrease and the levels of oxytocin increase. 

3. A Sense of Purpose

People in western societies put off marriage and children for later in life or they choose a different way of living, where they look for purpose in their career or social life. Still, as human beings, we feel the need to care for other beings and want to feel needed. 

Pets can help alleviate this need by providing us with tons of love and support while also needing our care and warmth. And they don’t need to be the most loyal or affectionate beings – it’s enough to know you are responsible for another being’s life and wellbeing to get a strong sense of purpose and improve your general mental health. 

In Summary

Having a pet around comes with lots of benefits, but the ones we discussed are extremely important, especially if we take into consideration the current pandemic. Our pets turn our houses into homes and are happy to keep us company whenever we need them to. And, in exchange, they don’t ask for much. Of course, it is our job to make sure they are healthy and happy in your homes. 

Still, a pet is a long-term responsibility, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision. As the owner and caregiver, you must be able to provide them with adequate food, healthcare, and love.