Anniversary Gifts for Her: A Guide to What to Get and Why

If your anniversary is approaching and you’re looking for a special gift that’ll express exactly what your other half means to you, then we can help! We look below at some of the very best presents to mark your special day, and just why they have so much meaning.

Personalized Gifts

A customized or personalized present can mean the world to the recipient, and choosing a gift along these lines will always be appreciated. Why not have a portrait made of the two of you, created from a photo? There are many vendors offering this service, so have a look online; with most, you can simply upload the photo of your choice to subsequently receive through the post a beautiful drawing in the style you opt for.

A personalized item of jewelry is another beautiful gift idea; think classic so that it can easily match with other pieces in your spouse’s collection; a well-chosen piece of elegant jewelry can be worn and loved for a lifetime, so choose something that’s just right. A great option is a custom name necklace featuring either your partner’s name or initials – for an extra special present, you could also have her birthstone added to the design.

If it’s your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary approaching, then selecting a customized necklace in silver is absolutely perfect: silver is the traditional gift for this particular milestone – we look at what gifts match other anniversaries below.

Alternatively, a leather tote bag or carryall monogrammed with your other half’s initials is a unique gift that she’s sure to love – why not order a set of matching monogrammed personalized stationery, too, and hide this inside the bag as an extra surprise!

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Each year of marriage is traditionally marked with a gift that’s composed of a different material – following this custom makes for a lovely way to mark your and your spouse’s own marital milestones.


Paper is the traditional first-anniversary gift. If you’ll be imminently celebrating the culmination of your very first year of married life together, then a beautiful option for a present is a simple but heartfelt love letter, wrapped around a rose, for example, or hidden within the pages of a special book you know she’d love. Tickets are another good option – reserve seats for a theatre show, concert, or festival you know she’d enjoy.

Or you can gift romance in cards – The Romantic Game is a card game for couples with 50 romantic and sweet activities you can do together. This will be a gift for your special woman that you both will remember.


A gift made from wood marks the fifth anniversary; opt for a set of solid wood frames to house photos of the two of you together, or shots taken on your wedding day, a wooden planter set, or a personalized jewelry box in polished rosewood: hide something special inside to really make her smile.


Aluminum is the traditional tenth-anniversary metal in the US, and it’s tin in the UK – both metals represent how a marriage needs to be pliable to be successful. This might seem like a tricky one to buy for, but there are more gift ideas than you think! 

For aluminum, a fountain pen, luxe hammered bowl, or Apple watch are possibilities, while for tin, you could choose a pretty pair of earrings made from this metal or a personalized tin license plate.


Fifteen years of marriage are marked with crystal to represent the glittering love between the parties that is clear to see. In terms of buying her the perfect present to celebrate this special milestone, an engraved set of crystal glasses (with her favorite bottle of wine to pour into them), crystal jewelry, or a crystal vase filled with the blooms that she loves are all exquisite options.


Gifts of china commemorate the twentieth anniversary; think outside of the box for a unique present that she’ll love: perhaps a piece of modern sculpture in the medium, a porcelain cheese board, or a Wedgewood tea pot. Why china? The material is said to reflect the delicate and beautiful nature of true love.


Silver marks twenty-five years of matrimony; silver jewelry is a perfect choice, as discussed above, especially if it’s personalized with your spouse’s name or birthstone.  You could also opt for a silver champagne bucket (with a bottle inside, of course!) or make a collage of photos and display it inside a beautiful silver picture frame.


For thirty years of wedded bliss, a pearl present is on the cards! Pick out an elegant pair of pearl stud earrings, a seed pearl-embellished cashmere sweater, or a spectacular potted clematis plant in the Ocean Pearl variety.


A fortieth anniversary is very special, and ruby reflects this. Consider a ruby and gold gate bracelet, a luxe handbag in a ruby-colored fabric, or a bouquet of Ruby Wedding roses. The reason that the gemstone marks this particular anniversary is due to its being said to possess an eternal inner flame: like a couple that has long been in love.


Gold is the traditional metal that is gifted to celebrate a fiftieth wedding anniversary. A beautiful necklace and earrings set in yellow or rose gold or an engraved watch are both lovely choices. For something unexpected, opt for a family tree design made from gold roses and discs, each of which bears family members’ names and the dates of their own weddings.

So there you have it – a roundup of sublime anniversary gifts that she’s sure to love. So, whether you’re approaching your first or your fiftieth milestone, you’ll be able to show you exactly how much she means to you on your special day.