Importance of Anti-aging Skin Care Routine for Youthful Skin

As social beings, humans always prefer to look their best. Skin is most important in looks and impression. Unlike older days, skincare treatments are available in each and every corner of the world. Even rural areas of developing countries are opening new centers that provide skincare treatments. Thoroughly and continuously changing, skin decides much of the outcome of the process called aging.

At each stage of life, the texture and appearance of the skin are different. Nature gives you beautiful supple & soft skin in childhood. You become very conscious when you start pampering your skin as a teenager. Youthful skin helps you become the center of attraction in a group. Problems arise when age is a concern and you reach middle age.

In most persons, skin becomes rough, hard, and wrinkled losing softness and elasticity. At times the normal complexion changes into a darker or pale one which may cause the person to look worse. In some people, underlying medical conditions may be the reason for the changes in the skin but in many, only aging is the villain that ruins the beauty of the skin.

Here comes the point, anti-aging skincare treatments.

Some people indeed get relaxed with a settled career and family after middle age. Also, some people may find their true purpose in their middle age after handling conflicts and confusion. But only a rare group are blessed with youthful skin in old age. The majority of us lose the supple and soft skin by our thirties and ask for anti aging skin care.

We may say that we do not care about how we look or about our wrinkled skin, but in reality, no one likes to be seen as an elderly person by looks. Most of us may be fighting for equality and preach for hours regarding the importance of moral values. Still, we assess a person by his looks first, unknowingly at times.

By middle age, confidence may be affected with sagged skin or dark under eyes. Aging and skincare must be together in every beautiful person’s life. You will start to search for anti-aging treatments. There are a lot of anti-aging treatments like botox.

But most of them being very expensive, hold too many adverse effects. Day by day experts find new chemicals causing fatal diseases like cancer in cosmetics and beauty products. In such a stage, we must go back to the ancient, traditional, and natural ways of health care systems which are completely organic.

Ayurveda is world-famous for its ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and preserving health. Coming to aging, Ayurveda has a complete branch or specialty of medicine dealing with geriatrics.

In the language of Sanskrit, which was the language of ancient India and a part of Asia, in which these textbooks and treatises of Ayurveda are written, the branch of Ayurveda dealing with slowing down, reversing, or prevention of the aging process is called as Jaraachikitsa or Rasayana.

This section contains a deep bound treasure of knowledge from simple herbal formulations for anti-aging skincare treatments to complicated anti-aging treatments including Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies.

Ayurveda was the mainstream of medicine practiced in India thousands of years ago with a strong philosophical foundation and widespread practical experience. Regarding anti-aging, an extraordinary concept is explained by sages of Ayurveda called Rasayana or nourishing therapy. It is advised in Ayurveda that Rasayana or anti-aging treatments are to be started in late youth or early middle age. It includes strengthening all systems in the body and preventing diseases.

Promoting positive mental and physical health has an important role in keeping the skin young and healthy. Measures to be taken for anti-aging treatments include Ayurveda medicines and therapies for detoxification, enhancing digestion & assimilation, and restoration of bodily tissues.

Skincare treatments also form the main part of Rasayana therapy. It includes herbal medicines to prevent or slow down the process of aging to a considerable extent. It controls cellular metabolism and the destruction of cells more healthily. Circulatory channels all over the body are cleared from any obstructions to ensure proper nourishment and assimilation. This leads to the formation of new healthier tissues for a longer time.

Many of the herbs like Indian gooseberry explained in this context are well known for their anti-aging properties especially on skin and complexion. Ayurveda observes skin as the essence of all physical and mental attributes. So, maintaining physical and mental health with social harmony is advised to attain healthy- and young-looking skin.

To achieve this, Ayurveda suggests not only medicine for diseases but a healthy living style to maintain health. So many chapters in the classic Ayurveda treatises like Ashtanga hrudaya, Susruta Samhita are completely based on how to maintain the health of a normal person. One main aspect of this is Dinacharya or daily routine.

Ayurveda explains strict measures of daily routine to be followed by healthy individuals to avoid or prevent diseases & to maintain health. It starts right from getting up early in the morning, considering the digestion and physical condition of the self. Daily routine explains procedures like brushing, tongue scraping oil massage, nasal drops, bath, application of collyrium in eyes, taking food, etc.

Following certain procedures in daily routine explained by Ayurveda from a young age can prevent aging effectively. An important step is proper sleep and waking up. This is very important. In today’s world, being awake till late at night with gadgets and electronic screen time has become a habit. Many people, especially youngsters, proudly call themselves night owls. But this one deadly habit leads to early wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Ayurveda explains it as the angry Vaata and Pitta which leads to such destruction to skin and other body tissues. Daily massage of the body and head with medicated oils with suitable herbs helps reduce the effects of aging in general and especially the skin, hair, and eyes. Ayurveda explains the benefits of herbal medicated nasal drops as Nasya which gives a healthy glow to the face, reducing acne and pimples in youngsters.

The same procedure when done with herbs and oils that reduce Vaata and Pitta can help slow down aging of facial skin and prevent wrinkles. The body is advised to be washed with mild warm water and the head must be washed with normal water. This improves the skin texture and complexion by improving circulation.

Applications of suitable herbal pastes on the face and body can help in anti-aging treatments well. These herbs should be chosen considering the body constitution of the person and many other factors only known to an expert of Ayurveda. By following the daily regimens explained in Ayurveda along with Rasayana therapies, the effects of aging on skin can be delayed.