Applying on Slovenian Passport with MigrationCentr’s Assistance: Reviews about the Company

People often relocate to Europe for better living conditions and profitable business opportunities. Without a doubt, the European Union is probably the best place for life. Some of the opportunities, for example, visa-free traveling, are not available in the CIS and other countries.

Companies that specialize in immigration can help you relocate to Europe fast and simply. And one of them is With the assistance of the company, clients can obtain Slovenian citizenship. About details of the procedure and real customer reviews on MigrationCentr, you will find them in the article.

What should the immigrants consider moving to Slovenia?

Each country in the European Union has its own unique characteristics, both positive and negative, so you should know them before moving. Here are the pros of holding a Slovenian passport:

• Travel without a visa to any European country, and to the USA by ESTA procedure.

• With EU citizenship, you can work in any European company and have a well-paid job.

• Access to the best educational system and quality medical care in any part of the European Union.

• It is not necessary to live only in Slovenia, you can choose any EU state with the best living conditions for you.

The con might be the only one – if you don’t know the Slovenian language well, it might be challenging to pass the exam as well as understand the locals.

What requirements should the immigrant follow?

Only people who meet a specific list of requirements have a chance to obtain citizenship, such as:

• Be over 18 years of age;
• Have Slovenian origin, and be able to prove it (repatriation);
• Successfully pass the Slovenian language exam (naturalization);
• No criminal record;
• Source of earnings must be transparent (investment);
• Renounce your current citizenship (naturalization).

Except that, you will need a complete package of documents appropriate for the certain procedure.

How to obtain a second passport within a year?

MigrationCentr provides full assistance in obtaining second citizenship. Almost all the procedures and paperwork are the companies’ responsibilities. They help with:

• Gathering and searching for documents in the archive.
• Translation and notarization of the papers.
• Submission of a written application to Upravna Enota.
• Processing of internal documents (passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, etc.)

The process of obtaining a Slovenian passport with the help of takes about a year (according to the reviews), and avoids permanent residence, and residence permit registration.

To start registration with you will need to sign an agreement, after the initial consultation. The customer needs to provide the lawyers with the documents, necessary for applying the procedure.

In case the clients need support with searching papers in the archive, MigrationCentr will help them with it. Collecting documents ends when all the necessary papers are translated and notarized by the company`s experts. Applying procedure is performed by the lawyers, who go to Slovenia, and submit the documents to Upravna Enota.

After waiting a few months for the document’s verification by the civil servant, the immigrant can get ready for the oath-taking ceremony. As the customer reviews said, it is necessary to be well-prepared for the procedure, if you want to pass that step easily and quickly. If everything runs smoothly, the client will get the citizenship certificate. To obtain internal documents without the pitfalls, it is better to ask for the lawyers` support.

Customer reviews about

Clients who have asked for the company’s services described in reviews the following features. The company is candid with its clients and sticks to a customer-oriented approach. Customers’ review on MigrationCentr demonstrates the professionalism of the experts, their attention to detail, their great knowledge in the international migration field, and their fast operating process. In comparison with other immigration companies, deals with all nuances really fast in order to save plenty of time for its clients.

In other words, the customers are satisfied with the company’s support, because of its full-fledged professional assistance, and you can read about that in reviews on MigrationCentr.

Conclusion about cooperation with MigrationCentr based on the reviews is a reliable, safe, and client-loyal company that makes the relocation process much easier. Taking into consideration the multi-stage Slovenian passport-obtaining procedure, the immigrants will definitely run into some nuances during the relocation process.

With the help of MigrationCentr, you don’t need to spend time learning European law and making lots of effort. The personal experience of its clients proves, that you will get full support in obtaining citizenship, and the lawyers will always help you and answer all your questions.

There are many reasons why you should cooperate with, but the most important is a large base of satisfied clients, and in their opinion, the company`s work is quality, perfect and fast. So, if you are looking for someone to assist you with relocation to Europe, you can ask for MigrationCentr`s support.