Technology To Help Keep You In The Game: What Are The Best Apps Sports Fans Are Using Right Now?

One thing that brings people together from all over the world is, of course, sport. Thanks to the various wonders of the internet, smartphones, and app design, it’s also never been easier to keep track of what’s going on. With so many massive sporting events opening up at any one time, it’s not always easy to keep your fingers on the pulse.

For example, every four years, we have the Olympic Games usually taking place alongside the European Championships in soccer – making for a riotous few months of passionate fan action. Then, there’s regular league action from the NHL, NFL, and MLB – meaning we really are living in a golden age for sports fans.

It’s also never been easier for fans to take their picks as to who they think will triumph in their favorite sports and games. NFL betting odds are readily available through apps and websites alike at any time. The Game Day website is a great place to start if you want to see who’s likely to come away best in a plethora of playoffs and big events.

Let’s take a look at a few leading apps and services sports fans are using to keep connected to the latest results and predictions.


If you’re the sort of sports enthusiast who really can’t choose your favorite from one day to the next, then Thuuz is likely to appeal to you. Available for both iOS and Android, this service strives to give you the full lowdown on football, golf, tennis, and more – and there’s even coverage for fantasy sports leagues, too. All the more reason to get involved.

Thuuz works somewhat like a social ticker for sports results, with interactivity built right in. This app’s been running strong for ten years now, meaning it’s likely worth popping it onto your device for a closer look.

Team Stream

If you’re determined to know everything about the drafts long before they happen, then you’ve likely already heard about Bleacher Report. The sports news site is famous for giving you all the buzz you need on the latest signings, firings, transfers, and more.

Bleacher Report offers its own app known as Team Stream. The Team Stream app is fully scalable to your sporting tastes, meaning that whether you’re an avid follower of the NBA or really want to know who’s heading to the Olympics, all you need do is boot up the app and refresh.

Of course, it’s worth checking out Bleacher Report’s main app, too, for the complete breakdown of the latest news and buzz affecting your favorite sports and teams in the here and now.


theScore is an excellent alternative to the above, offering users a personalized experience and a handy in-app calendar for keeping track of those big games and meets due to occur. theScore also lives up to its name by providing you with a live dashboard, where you can keep track of the latest results.

Seriously handy when you’re commuting and can’t make it back in time to watch the game on TV – or if you don’t have the mobile data available to stream an entire game or match.

What’s also really notable about theScore is that you can set up group chats with your friends and other fans. You’re also able to share stories that inspire or infuriate you directly to your chosen social networks, meaning that social link never severs.


For those sports fans who really want to get back to basics and just want to crunch the numbers and stats, FlashScore is a great app that strips all the unnecessary fluff right out of the way.

FlashScore’s impressive array of sports and events covered is more than 6,000 at present, and with the app using very little data to constantly refresh and update, it’s a great ally if you can’t get to the latest sports news or a live stream.

What’s also really appealing about FlashScore is the fact that you can build your own custom games list, meaning you can just check all of your favorite matches and results on one page. There’s no need for you to keep searching or digging for specifics time after time after time.

Some users may find that FlashScore is a little bare-bones. However, that’s part of the appeal – the app does away with unnecessary bluster that can sometimes make other apps a little clunky or difficult to work your way around. If it’s just the results you’re looking for, then this app is likely to tick plenty of the right boxes.


Widely regarded as the leading name in US sports broadcasting, ESPN also plays host to one of the top free sports apps available for smartphones. ESPN provides smart, comprehensive tracking across a massive variety of different events and leagues. What’s more, you’ll be able to build your own brackets and track what’s going on at any given moment.

It’s not hard to keep up to date on the biggest sporting events when you have the ESPN app to hand – making it the perfect addition to any sports lover’s smartphone. Keep in mind it’s only free thanks to the advertising on-board, so if you don’t mind handling that side of things, you’re bound to have a great experience.

Which app is right for you?

The great news about free apps is, of course, you can simply continue to load them onto your phone and or tablet providing you have enough space. It may be worth checking out some of the above to decide which apps and programs appeal to you the most.

We’d recommend checking out a few of the bigger and flashier apps and platforms first and loading up a few of the more diluted programs if you really just want access to the stats. Don’t tie yourself into one app unless you particularly want to do so!