Are Amazon Accounts Free?

Yes, opening an Amazon account is free!

However, as a professional of Amazon appeal and reinstatement service, and Amazon account specialists, we have to admit that there’s a certain price that Amazon sellers have to pay. And yes, we are talking about Amazon seller suspensions, and not about certain fees that you should pay while being an Amazon seller.

If you’re an Amazon seller, or are planning to become one, read this article before it’s too late! Our appeal service will educate you on Amazon’s suspensions, and help you prevent them from coming, if you follow all the steps and all the tips that we kindly give you. If you are just an Amazon BUYER, send this article to Amazon sellers that you know, it will help them for sure!

How to Escape Punishment and Not Pay the Price?

There are several tips that you should take into account before actually operating your business on Amazon, and we will kindly provide you with this information!

When you open a new Amazon seller account, you have to understand that Amazon takes the security and privacy of its customers very, very seriously! So please, meet all the requirements on Amazon before opening an account.

First of all, you should make sure nothing varies in your Amazon account. This eCommerce platform hates inaccuracies, so check your information twice before operating a business on Amazon. Secondly, you should make sure that your parents, relatives, friends or spouse don’t use the same IP address when they’re creating an Amazon account.

Apart from that, you should always stay away from public Wi-Fi when it comes to logging in to your Amazon seller account. This can lead to Amazon linked accounts suspension, so be careful!

If you already set up your seller account, it’s time to source some products. It doesn’t really matter how and what you search to find a potential product source. The only thing that really matters is who you are working with.

Don’t be fooled by low and even very high prices, as they are not enough to make an impression on the distributor you’re working with. Don’t cooperate with shady distribution companies. These companies usually don’t have contact information, or the information that they provide on their website doesn’t match the reality!

Now that you have reliable distributors and partners to work with, it’s the perfect time to order products. First of all, go to Amazon’s website and pay attention to the products that are forbidden on Amazon. Selling prohibited products is a valid reason for suspension, be careful with that!

Ordering products is followed by receiving an invoice, which is a very valuable document for each Amazon seller. Keep the invoices you get, because in case of suspensions, Amazon will want you to send their copies.

Ordering products and keeping the invoices is not a guarantee of safe business operations on Amazon. Many Amazon sellers find “reliable” automation services and decide to make their lives easier by using software that automatically uploads listings on their store.

However, using automation means facing numerous errors and miscalculations, which in turn triggers Amazon suspensions…So, stay away from software and do everything manually, there’s nothing better than that!

This is not the final list of all the tips that you should follow in order to circumvent a suspension. If you want to know more, visit our website or simply give us a call. Together with us, you will be able to reinstate your account and continue your normal business operations on Amazon. Keep your chin up, and everything will be just great!