Fact Or Fiction: Understanding Artificial Grass

While artificial turf might not seem like the most impressive or interesting thing to talk about, but there is a surprising number of things to learn about it! Most interestingly are the different ways that we can use it sustainably, since it is such a convenient way that we can landscape as well as make our sports fields safer.

Many people know about it rather exclusively due to sports, since it is used for so many of them. Think about it – most football fields, soccer fields, and baseball fields use it, as just a few examples. There is also tennis, rugby, and more, so it is a surprisingly important thing to know more about.

However, there have been concerns about the safety of turf for the past few years, as you can see on this page. The main thing that raises worries is the inlay, since there are potential carcinogens in them. What is the truth, though? I will be explaining this and more, so follow along if you want to know!

Is Turf Harmful To The Environment?

I am starting here because this seems to be the biggest misconception when it comes to this. You see, while in the past many types have been found to be harmful, right now there are a lot of innovations that are making big changes in this field. One such is higher sustainability when it comes to the materials used.

In particular, there is more recycled materials being used in both the inlay and the blades of grass themselves. If you did not know, turf is made of plastics. A lot of inlays are created via tires that are chopped up and recycled, so rubber. When they are created in this manner, it is reducing any negative impact it might have.

In addition to that, there are now many more manufacturers who are incorporating plant matter into the grass. You can find out more about that if you click here, as there are many examples out there. How does it work, though?

Most of the sustainable varieties are actually made out of sugarcane, which I did not know until I started to dig into this topic more! If you were not familiar with it, this plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions. That means that it can reduce your carbon footprint, which is a big part of sustainability!

Is Artificial Grass Dangerous?

This is the other huge worry that I had when I was researching turf, and I know that I am not alone in that. Especially when it comes to our pets. Is having a yard with it going to end up hurting our animals?

Thankfully, there is no research that demonstrates that it can cause any harm to them. Even turf with inlays, which are the biggest things that are listed as potential carcinogens, are not dangerous to our pets. In fact, it is easy to clean up after them in the yard too, since the grass can simply be cleaned afterward rather than potentially damaged!

As far as humans go, that is another relevant topic of course. Something that is interesting is there are several types of turf to learn about. This allows you to make them appear more natural for wherever you live, such as cool weather, warm weather, or even transition zone varieties.

What is nice is that it is actually safer for play than natural grass and ground. Why is that? Well, the main reason is that it is softer to land on. So, whether you have children or if you want to play a sport in the yard yourself, there is less chance of serious injury from a fall!

That is another reason that it is used so frequently for stadiums. It is rare to see one without artificial grass for that because it is easier to maintain than natural grass. Sure, there is still maintenance necessary, but it is a lot less of a hassle.

So, if you are curious about it, I would recommend at least researching it and the regulations surrounding it in your region. There are different laws, so do your best to keep that in mind as you consider installing it. Many sellers offer installation services as well, as it can get complicated.

You can get creative with it, too! There is no reason that you cannot incorporate it into a sunroom or a playroom for children inside the home as well! The only true limits are your own imagination and any budgetary restrictions. That being said, it is usually not too expensive to get.

With all of that in mind, artificial turf is definitely something to think about if you like the appearance. The other perks are also nice too, of course, so it might be worth it for you!