4 Ways Video Content Helps You Attract and Keep Followers

Video and the way that it is used has changed immeasurably over the years. 40 years ago when the first camcorders came out it was the preserve of the wealthy and the technology geeks, whereas fast forward to today and every one of us has a video recorder in the palm of our hand.

The internet has also changed our lives, especially during the coronavirus pandemic where many of us find ourselves locked down in our own homes. This has meant that businesses have had to change the way they do business and many are now using video to market their wares online.

If you are an influencer then videos will become one of your most important tools to increase and keep your following. 

Here we will take a look at how you can increase and maintain your following using video.

Create How-to Videos

Your content may all be about a certain subject or way of life that your followers also strive to attain, so what better way to help them achieve this goal than by posting how-to videos so that they can follow your tips to success. This method works in any field from showcasing your own recipes on your cooking platform to teaching people how to put makeup on correctly.

Whatever your niche, creating video content that your followers can watch and imitate is a great way of keeping them engaged, and also of attracting new followers as word of mouth spreads about your abilities and the success others have following your content.

By Upgrading Your Content

Maybe you have an online business and you have the usual social media platforms but for whatever reason, you are not attracting the required level of followers. Well, perhaps it is the time to try something different and to head out of your comfort zone by forgetting the boring route of endless text and images on your site, and livening it up with a little bit of video marketing?

Unless you studied media at college you probably have no idea where to start, so use a video production company to turn your content into a marketer’s dream. You will find that your social media will have been dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st Century and your following will increase in no time at all.


Who buys anything these days without looking at endless reviews of the product in advance? As a society and as a reflection of human nature we are all looking for validation, and this is certainly true when it comes to consumerism.

You need your customers to shout to the rest of the world about how great your products and services really are. It needs to hit you in the face so that you are left in no doubt that it is exactly what you need or want.

Testimonials are the way to do this, and if they are done using video they will instantly be memorable so that your followers will come back for more and spread the word. Make them snappy and prominent and you will reap the benefits that they bring. 

Staff Training

Using videos to train staff may not seem like the most obvious way to attract and maintain followers but the opposite couldn’t be more true. By human nature, people are much more likely to take in what they see rather than what they read, so create training videos for your staff regarding the culture, values, and policies of your business.

These videos can be easily recycled, saving you time and money, but more importantly, they will embolden your staff to work for you in a more efficient manner as they understand your values, and this will help them drive more followers to your content.

After all, a happy worker is a motivated worker, so train them in the right way and you will see your business head in the right direction. You can even make these videos available on your website to provide reassurance to your customers about your ethical way of doing things. 

As we have learned it is perfectly possible to use video to attract and maintain your online following, it just requires thinking a little differently. How-to videos keep users engaged and coming back for more as they progress through your content, and using a video production company can smarten up your content making it appear more professional.

Use your previous customers and their satisfaction to create lively online videos that you can place as testimonials on your website adding further validation to your products or services, or simply create staff training videos to motivate and incentivize them into driving more followers to your brand. Have fun shooting those videos today!