New Ranking Compares the Average Running Pace Among the Top European Countries

France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom are the top three in Europe.

Personalized running assistant Joggo has recently released a ranking of the European countries with the fastest beginner to intermediate runners. The data was gathered from 17,917 runners. It shows that the average jogging pace in Europe ranges between 6–7 minutes per kilometer.

The ranking identifies that overall, French runners reach 6.25 minutes per kilometer (min/km), Belgian runners can do 6.42min/km, and runners from the United Kingdom reach 6.43min/km. Italians take fourth place with 6.57min/km, while runners from Spain finish fifth with 7.19min/km.

“The average pace highly depends on the country because of the running conditions, altitude, and terrain. While there is truly no bad weather for jogging, running in high altitudes can impact your results. Having a clear benchmark in your own country is essential if you want to improve your pace sustainably,” explains Kristijonas Zibutis, CEO at Joggo.


A deeper analysis of the demographic trends shows that, generally, both women and men reach 6–7 minute per kilometer pace while jogging. The fastest male runners live in France, and the fastest female runners come from the United Kingdom.


“The pace depends on many factors, including gender, age, weight, and fitness level, among others. Most of our users are beginners or intermediate runners that do not yet compete in serious running competitions, so this ranking can be helpful for any newcomer trying to improve their results,” explains Zibutis.

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