4 Ways to Avoid Costly Car Accidents

As a driver, the most important thing that you can do for yourself and other road users is to drive safely. This can go a long way towards helping keep you safe from car accidents, which are typically quite costly. Spending money on the aftermath of a car accident can dig into the funds that you had set aside to do a home improvement or something else, leaving your finances in shambles.

Here are four ways in which you can avoid costly car accidents and save your health and money.

1. Avoid Distractions While Driving

The most important thing that you can do as a driver is to avoid distractions while you drive. Dedicate all your attention to the road so that you don’t miss anything that may happen. Some of these things are having the car in front of you brake suddenly or having a person or animal step into the road unexpectedly.

Keep in mind that the front bumper of a vehicle makes up almost a third of all damage from an accident, according to Pathways by Amica. Clearly, it’s important to also take measures like allowing a reasonable space between you and the car in front of you, and also paying heed to the point below.

2. Always Drive at a Reasonable Speed

Driving at a reasonable speed allows you to maintain better control of your vehicle. You can react in good time to anything that might come up while you drive and so you’ll be able to keep yourself safe on the road. You can also keep other people and any animals that get onto the road safe as a result. That said, drive at or below the speed limit on any road you find yourself on. Do this bearing in mind the fact that speed limits are put in place to lower the chances of an accident occurring.

Driving at a reasonable speed will also help reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. This may occur as a result of driving on a road that has bumps, cracks, and potholes. Keep your own driveway in good shape so that you don’t cause issues for your car yourself, even if you actually drive on good roads. Note that installing a new driveway costs approximately $5 to $7 per square foot, according to The Spruce.

3. Practice Safe Parking

Keep in mind that around 20% of car accidents take place in garages and parking lots, according to MotorBiscuit. This means that one more way in which you can keep your car safe from accidents is to practice safe parking. These measures should ensure that your vehicle has a low chance of getting hit by another vehicle.

Some of them are ensuring to park somewhere with the lowest traffic, and parking in the center of the parking spot so that your car isn’t too close to other cars. Also avoid parking near tight turns and busy intersections, and park in a garage whenever that is an option for you.

4. Never Drive While Under the Influence

Last but not least, never drive while you’re intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. That’s because you’re not going to be able to react fast enough or in the right way in case of something. As a result, you’re less in control of your car and are essentially a risk to yourself and other road users. If you find yourself intoxicated or in a similar situation, it’s a good idea to hail a taxi or use the safest alternative method to get home apart from driving yourself

When you keep these suggestions in mind, it may be a lot easier for you to avoid getting involved in an accident. These are habits that may take time to learn, but with some effort, they can become your second nature. You’re not just going to become a better driver, but you can inspire the people who know you to also become good drivers themselves.