That’s How You Can Avoid Shoulder Pain At Work [Infographic]

According to the statistics, approximately 39% of Americans have sitting jobs in 2020. It doesn’t only lead to poor posture and weight gain, but it can also deactivate your gluteal muscles and cause shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain can develop gradually. At first, you might feel some discomfort only, but later you might not be able to move at all. If you feel shoulder pain from time to time after sitting all day, that’s what you need to know:

Why do you have shoulder pain?

Sources of work-related shoulder pain include static loading, awkward postures, extreme temperature exposure, mechanical contact stress, and hand-arm vibration. You can also have shoulder pain in case you work with your hands up, or you have pressure on the shoulder during the whole day (even the smallest amount).

How to prevent shoulder pain?

The most important thing is to develop better posture. To do so, you should keep your shoulder relaxed, and your lower back should always be supported. You might need to rearrange your workspace so that the desk is on the level with your elbows while you are sitting.

Also, you can switch the mouse to the other side of the desk. It will allow you to ease the workload of your ‘mouse hand’.

Other than that, start taking more breaks. Every half an hour, you can take a one minute break. Make sure to walk around and shake your arms and hands during every break.

Would you like to learn more about common shoulder injuries and ways to prevent them? Check out the infographic provided by Kempermedical: