Awesome Boys Haircuts That Stylish Kids Love To Rock Today

Boys love to have fun wherever they are, and since their hair is no exception, there are some boys haircuts that every parent and kiddo should check out. As the kids’ fashion reaches new levels, more and more little guys become more aware of their looks. Besides, why not let them express their cute and fun personalities through their haircuts and styles?

Today, we’d like to show you how differently you and your kid can play around with his hair.

The great variety of modern boys haircuts is full of amazing options to suit every kid’s lifestyle and hair type, but how to choose that perfect look? Apart from showing the latest haircut ideas picked by hair experts from, we’re going to share some useful advice on choosing the best haircut for your boy to make him look and feel stylish.

How to Choose Boys Haircuts

The kids of today are nothing like us: we didn’t really care about anything from our clothes to the way our hair looked. In fact, our parents would either do nothing with our hair or cut it themselves. Well, we didn’t complain though. Now, times have changed, and modern boys already know the value of unique looks that express individuality.

For that reason, a random haircut won’t do. Here’s what hairdressers recommend parents to keep in mind before bringing the kid to a salon to satisfy both you and your little man.

#1. Consider His Lifestyle

Just like any other person who’s going to plan a salon appointment, you need to think about the lifestyle of your boy. If he takes on different after-school activities, especially sports ones, it’s better to choose something like short sides long top haircuts or fades and tapers that will keep his hair out of the way. Keeping long hair would be pretty uncomfortable for an active kid.

#2. Mind The Hair Type

Your kid’s hair type and texture are the main identifiers of the right haircut for him. For example, if he’s blessed with a curly mane, you should ensure that his texture is not a burden: graduated faded sides and a short crop will work great.

Similarly to curly hair, thick textures may be unmanageable, so it’s advisable to go for layers that will make the hair feel lighter. Fine hair doesn’t bring any troubles, except for the tendency of falling flat: soft layers and short cuts like crew, undercuts, and comb-overs are the best picks here.

#3. Ask Him What He Likes About His Hair

There’s nothing like a haircut that doesn’t allow you to be yourself, right? Even though they’re children, it matters to them too. If he doesn’t want to change something, make sure to pay attention to it as well. Let’s take curls, for example, some boys love them, and some don’t. This is where his opinion can help you make the choice.

#4. Show Him Some Boys Haircuts And Let Him Choose

You want him to like his haircut, so you won’t go wrong discussing the appointment with him. Once you find out which cuts to choose from, tell him how much fun he can have while customizing his new look: you can go with some cool color accents, creative textures on top, or shaved designs on the sides. Let him make the final choice to get the look he’ll truly love. Also Read:

The Best Boys Haircuts Your Kiddo Should Check Out!

Now that you know what you should take into consideration when choosing boys haircuts, it’s time for some inspiration. Here are the most popular haircuts for boys that have a lot of character to show, as well as a lot of room to experiment!

Undercut Fade

The undercut has an approach to all hair types and lengths, and that’s the main reason why it’s so huge today. Pair it with a clean fade to create a neat, smart, and modern boy’s look.

Textured French Crop

If your boy likes to make a mess with his hair, he will certainly love to rock a french crop with a textured feel. While being pretty short, the cut will allow for messy hairstyles that kids love so much.

Medium Quiff

A quiff, where the top is brushed to the back and the sides are softly graduated, will appeal to little men who want to look like their daddies. Plus, it’s a great option for special occasions.

Crew Cut

As a timeless classic, the crew cut will not only give your boy a stylish look but it will also keep him comfortable with his hair during all activities.

Spiky Taper

Is there a boy who doesn’t like those funky spikes? To balance out the punky feel in the hair, finish the sides with a soft taper.

Faux Hawk

When your kiddo is about to stand out, a faux hawk will be the best choice. It works for everyone, from curly to straight textures, and the point is to keep the hair at a comfortable length.

Wavy Shag

If your boy loves his waves but they tend to get in his face, there’s no need to cut them off. Instead, go for a shag that will set each wave into the right shape with its layers.

The role that a haircut plays in a man’s look is no longer a secret for little boys. They want to look and feel unique, and a cool haircut is what will do the talking. Well, you’ve learned the right approach to choosing the classiest cuts for boys, so there’s no way your boy won’t find his signature look.