The Basic Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

For homeowners who pride themselves in having a massive outdoor space, acquiring the right gardening tools is a no-brainer. Not only will it make maintenance more productive and fun, but it will also help you save tremendously on hiring a gardener or a landscaping company to do the job for you.

In the following guide, we go over the basic equipment to have in your shed for easy and convenient yard maintenance across the seasons.

Garden Hose and Sprinkler

Your lawn requires regular and proper watering to grow and stay fresh, particularly during sunny days.

Investing in a garden hose will enable you to keep your grass, plants, flowers, and hedges hydrated and healthy. You’ll find them available in different materials (rubber, vinyl), lengths (from 20 to 75 feet), and attachment options for optimal control. An automated sprinkler system is a convenient addition for large green spaces.

Lawn Mower

Unless you want a neglected-looking front yard, a quality lawnmower is an absolute must. It will keep your grass short and even throughout, and it will also remove weeds and dandelions.

Among the many types available, product reviewers at KnowItAllLeaning recommend a cordless battery-powered mower for maximum efficiency; you can go to their website and discover some great resources to help you make a fitting and long-lasting purchase. But if you’re a techie, we also recommend something like the RS630 by Robomow. Since it’s automatic, you have your work cut out for you.

Depending on your budget, lawnmowers typically cost anywhere between $100 and $2500.

String Trimmer/Edger

At times, you’ll need a precision tool to sculpt your yard down to the last detail. Tight grassy places such as corners and surrounding areas can easily be tended using a string trimmer, which is a relatively affordable tool that will help elevate the look of your green space and keep it spotless. Be sure to purchase an extra string to go with it.

Leaf Rake and Blower

A leaf rake is one of the most common items found in garden sheds. The fall is a particularly busy season for homeowners with treed yards who must clear out all the dead leaves and branches. Steel-tine leaf rakes also come in handy for cleaning up garden debris and grass clippings. For bigger yards, opt for a leaf blower to get the job done faster without any hassle or physical strain.

Shovel and Spade

A sharp, good quality shovel is a very versatile tool to conduct all sorts of garden work activities; digging holes for planting, edging, cutting roots, lifting sod, and removing debris. Choose a stainless steel shovel with a hardwood handle for maximum reliability and durability. Conducting research online or visiting a specialized shop can help you find shovels that suit your needs.

Hand Pruners

Your garden arsenal wouldn’t be complete without this indispensable tool. Also known as secateurs, hand pruners come in handy for deadheading flowers, cutting stems, trim small twigs, shape plants, and much more. In any case, be sure to find yourself a comfortable and sturdy pair, which can be acquired for as low as $20.

Hand Weeder

If you’re worried about weeds infesting your lush garden, a hand weeder can be your go-to choice. Contrary to other cutting tools that will only stem them out, hand weeders remove the pesky plant from the root to ensure it doesn’t grow back and disfigure your lawn. They’re very useful and will set you back only $5 or $10.

Gloves and Protective Gear

Invariably, garden maintenance is difficult and risky work. Between cuts, scrapes, blisters, and a whole host of potential dangers, you’ll want a nice breathable pair of gloves to carry out your work safely. That said, be sure to invest in the eye and ear protection to stay safe while operating power tools.


Lastly, how do you expect to bring your tools in and out of your garage or shed, if not with a wheelbarrow? You’ll also be able to transport wood, soil, compost, and more with this handy tool. If you want to avert major hassles, get yourself a steel model with a never-flat tire. You can also visit if you’re looking for a wheelbarrow or trolley.

Extra: Garden Tool Organizer

Yard maintenance tools can be cumbersome and take up valuable space. If you don’t have a dedicated tool shed, consider getting a practical garden tool organizer for your garage. No more tripping over rakes or spending hours finding your tool of choice!

Depending on how avid a gardener you are, these are essentially the most basic tools you’ll need to conduct lawn maintenance. For those with a natural green thumb, you can look into acquiring some nice extras like a pair of loppers, a pruning saw, digging fork, or a fertilizer spread.

Let your newly composed arsenal motivate you to actually find pleasure and solace in taking care of your precious outdoor green space!