8 Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

You may be planning to do a little home improvement chore this weekend and if you’re a homeowner, you might want to do-it-yourself.

If you are working in the bathroom, let us guide you on some common plumbing mistakes to avoid.

1. Don’t Forget to Replace Drain Traps

Do you know the real purpose of that U-shaped curve in your drain? Many think it is there to stop things from dropping into the sewer (or septic) system. That is one job, yet the primary job is to prevent sewer odors and gasses from entering your home.

This is what plumbers call the ‘trap’. Many homeowners will neglect replacing it, but don’t make this mistake. This is a very integral part to a functioning plumbing system.

2. Forgetting to Turn off the Water Main

Before you begin any bathroom plumbing project, you need to have the water main turned off. You can call your city water department to find out where the valve is located. Failing to turn off the main valve has the potential for disaster. You can flood your bathroom, which is not only water waste but also costly!

If you are working on the toilet or sink, often there is a valve for shutting off the water to that appliance under it. Therefore, you will not have to turn off the entire home’s water supply while you make your minor repairs.

3. Tightening Connections too Much

Many do-it-yourselfers believe the tighter a connection, the less chance for leakage. Yet, when it comes to plumbing connections, too much isn’t always a good thing. Making the connection too tight may create a split or rupture in the fittings. Experts advise that the fittings be snug. For a supply line that is flexible or a slip joint nut, tighten it just one-fourth to half a turn.

4. Avoiding the Pitch

This has nothing to do with your singing pitch while in the shower! The pitch we are talking about is how the shower pan slopes. If it isn’t set just right, it will not allow water to drain properly. This can create bacteria and mold to accumulate due to the pooling of water. Professional plumbers advise the slope to be around one-fourth of an inch for each foot.

5. Not Taking Notes Along the Way

This is a big mistake a lot of do-it-yourselfers do when doing any task (particularly for the first time). You should always take notes or pictures of each step you perform. Otherwise, you will be calling a sewer repair plumber to fix an even bigger plumbing mistake.

6. Don’t Neglect to Strap Down the Water Lines

Another common bathroom plumbing mistake is failing to strap the water lines down. The result? You will hear a banging and clanging from within the walls everytime water runs through the pipes.

Initially, this is a simple task. However, if you forget to do it you will have to cut through the drywall which can be difficult.

7. Putting Shower Heads in the Wrong Places

In general, a shower head is placed around 80 inches above the bathtub drain. This is dependent on the average height of the people who will be using it, of course.

Keep in mind that the shower head should not be randomly placed. Yet, if put under the standard mark it can prove difficult for even those height-challenged people to use.

8. Using a Toilet Flange that is Chipped or Cracked

If the toilet flange is cracked or chipped, getting an accurate seal is going to be difficult if not impossible. Ensure that when you are replacing this part it is in good order. You want to get a good seal on the rubber gasket or wax that is between the toilet and the flange.


Although it is a good feeling to be able to DIY, call a plumber and avoid the possibility of an expensive mistake. Buy a plumbing service today from companies like 5 Star Plumbing. The plumber can ensure your bathroom plumbing is working in top-notch condition without worry.