What It Takes To Be An Inspiring Leader

If you are ambitious, the chances are you have thought about becoming a leader. You might envision yourself standing in front of a group of people, able to change their minds through a few simple words. The question is: What does it take to become someone who is inspiring?

Being a leader and being a boss are two completely different things. While anyone can be a boss, not everyone can be a leader. Don’t let that deter you, as if you have what it takes, your success could be insurmountable.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you wish to climb the ranks in the company you work for, here is what it takes to be a leader.

An Education

An education sets you up for many areas of life. Whether you want to be a teacher, a doctor, or an accountant, you must first receive an education. The same goes for becoming a great leader. If your goal is to lead in an inspirational and empowering way, then masters in leadership online will get you there.

Even if you plan to become an entrepreneur, which holds no educational requirements, the knowledge you attain from school and college is incredibly important. By studying leadership at a higher level, you will learn how to make a real impact on the team you are leading.

Plus, there are plenty of options for studying online, so you can improve your knowledge, your appeal to employers, and your skillset while keeping your current job.


The best leaders appear naturally confident and controlled at all times. It comes naturally to some, but to others, it takes some work to bring it out. If you are the latter, then don’t worry, as there is plenty you can do to increase your confidence.

There is some truth behind faking it until you make it. If you look around at everyone who appears confident, the chances are at least some of them don’t feel it on the inside. Don’t worry if the confidence you hold in the beginning is only on the outside, as the more time goes on, the more confident you will feel on the inside.

If you struggle, then you could always take public speaking or acting class to get more comfortable with speaking in front of other people. Even hiring a public speaking consultant is a great way to learn tips from professionals and earn confidence. A lot of people attending will be in the same position as you, so there’s no reason to feel nervous.


Don’t expect to walk straight into a leadership role and instantly inspire everyone around you – it takes work. That’s where experience comes in. To be a great leader, you have to lead, even if that means messing up again and again.

You should start practicing leadership when you are studying. If you are doing your masters in leadership online, for example, then you should take any opportunity to be in charge of group projects. Learning is a chance to make mistakes, so try out techniques and see which ones work the best.

Respecting Others

Some people see leadership as a ticket to success, but really, being a leader is all about respecting others. You must respect their voices, opinions, and needs no matter what. This is what makes a great leader stand out – their ability to think about others before themselves.

If a leader only acts in self-interest, then they are not a leader. Work on listening – really listening – to others when they speak and learn to respect every single person you meet.

Being Self-Aware

A lot of people have no idea how they come across. They go about their daily lives not taking into account the way they speak, their body language, or how they make other people feel. As a leader, you don’t have the privilege to live like this.

Being in such an important role, you must hold yourself to high standards at all times, which means being self-aware. You must know yourself in and out, from your greatest strengths to your embarrassing weaknesses. By doing this, when change is needed, you will find it much easier.

The Ability to Command Attention

Leaders gain attention easily. No, this doesn’t mean speaking the loudest or acting dramatically – leaders don’t need to do this for eyes to shift towards them. It’s not easy, but being open, charismatic, and warm makes a person attract the attention of the room positively. You don’t want people to stare because you’ve tripped up or you’re shouting at the waiter!

Work on this skill the next time you’re at an event or a party. Practice using open body language, speaking with confidence, and treating people you speak with like they are the most important person in the room.


Empathy is not something you can fake. People can fake kindness, warmth, and sympathy, but they cannot fake empathy. Leading a group of people means taking on the responsibility for human beings – human beings who have individual thoughts, feelings, and needs. Great leaders are those who can understand this by not treating everyone in the same way.

By seeing things from other people’s points of view and genuinely understanding their actions, you will become a great and inspiring leader.


As a leader, you make all the important decisions, and decision-making doesn’t just come from the logical side of your brain. You’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to figuring out the best solutions. The world is constantly shifting in many ways, and it takes someone who can come up with new ways of dealing with that.

When doing a masters in leadership online, you will get the chance to turn on your creativity with your work, especially when it comes to learning how to lead change.


Open-mindedness is a positive trait for everyone, but leaders need to have it. Inspiring leaders are those who open their ears and minds to all kinds of ideas, even if they think they are already set on doing it one way.

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When you are talking to a group of people, and someone gives you an idea that you think sounds dumb, it’s important to let the person speak and give it a chance. Nobody is right all the time, not even the best leaders, and by shutting out information or advice, you potentially shut out something that could drastically improve the business.


Leaders must gain the trust of their team, and being honest is the easiest way to do that. Think about it, if someone lies to you even one time, do you struggle to trust them after that? The answer is probably yes.

Honesty shows integrity. As a leader, you need to be as transparent as possible, as everyone is relying on you. Even in the most difficult situations where you have bad news, people will respect you more for being open about the situation rather than attempting to sugar-coat it. Brushing over details will make you seem like a coward, which is the opposite of what a leader should be.

In your masters in leadership online, you will learn the importance of gaining the trust of your team.

See Value in Other People

As a leader, it’s important to see the value in others. You cannot see yourself as the most important person in the room; instead, see every person as somebody who has something interesting to contribute. Remember, every person knows something you don’t, and that piece of information could help your and the business’ success.

From the person who makes coffee to the person who works in finance, everyone has value, and an inspiring leader recognizes that. After all, how would anything run without everybody doing their part? By doing a masters in leadership online, you will learn to inspire people no matter what their job title is.

Having Big Dreams

Leaders don’t accidentally step into the role one day – they know what they want, and you must too. If you want to become a leader, don’t think ‘if’, think ‘when’. By dreaming big, there is more chance that you will make it.

Start your journey to achieving your goals by applying for a masters in leadership online. By learning the leadership skills and getting the qualifications, you pave the way for ultimate success.


Nobody is perfect. Great leaders know this and can admit when they are wrong. This takes both courage and integrity, two traits that are vital for inspirational people.

If you are in charge of a group of people and something goes wrong, you must hold yourself accountable. Likewise, if your department is the reason for a fault, then you are the one who should shoulder the responsibility, as you are the leader. It takes a lot of guts, but if you do it, you’ll be better respected.

Openness to Changes

The world is ever-evolving, and no company stands still for very long. As a leader, you must not only accept this, but you should also embrace it. If a new technology comes out, or someone recommends a brilliant new way of doing things, then you should be open to the changes.

Leaders who stand still don’t stay leaders for very long. By studying for a masters in leadership online, you’ll learn how to keep inspiring in the ever-changing world.


Intelligence is not something you can learn from reading one book and memorizing the pages. It is just as much about knowing how to think as it is about what to think. Emotional intelligence is crucial, too, especially as you will be dealing with a group of people, and humans run on emotion.

If you want to become more intelligent, then take the masters in leadership online for a well-guided, in-depth education about how to lead better. What’s great is, these days, you don’t even need to leave your home to become a more well-rounded and intelligent person.


As a leader, your job involves a lot of communication. You can’t just be efficient with your words – you must speak with clarity and empower with your words and body language.

Communication doesn’t just mean speaking well, either. Leaders need to be great listeners. Your team will have many interesting points to make and feedback to give, and it is your job to listen to them whole-heartedly.

Keeping Calm Under Pressure

As a leader, you will experience problems. It’s part of every job, and everyone deals with it. What makes a leader great is one that can keep calm even when the pressure is high.

By staying calm, you not only get a handle on the situation better, but you also inspire others to do the same. If they see that their leader can manage it, then they will know that they can, too, which will lead to handling the situation better.

When studying a masters in leadership online, you will learn how to deal with people in many situations, including those where emotions are driving the conversation.

Quick Thinking

As a leader, you are the thinker. When something doesn’t go according to plan, you must decide what to do next – you are the leader for a reason! In these situations, you must think quickly, as there’s no time to take everything into deep consideration.

High Moral Standards

Those who are leaders set an example to the rest, so their ethics and morals must be kept to a high standard. After all, how will anyone respect a leader who holds prejudiced values?
Remember, leaders are responsible for others. High moral standards will help guide you through and become an inspiration to them.

Tons of Passion

Most of all, if you are to become an inspiring leader, you must have tons of passion. It must live within you when applying for your masters in leadership online, and guide you through the hardships that come from being a leader.

Think of the most inspirational leaders. They don’t look bored – they look excited about what they are doing, and that is because they’re passionate. Strive to be a leader for something you truly care about, and it will show in your leadership abilities.