6 Tips to Be Less Anxious During an LSAT Exam

Anyone contemplating going into law school should take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) to increase their chances of getting into a top-grade law school.

The test has 5 sections; two sections dealing with logical reasoning; one section about analytical reasoning; a reading comprehension section, a variable section, and additional reading comprehension, the last two sections are unscored.

Like most exams, it can be nerve-racking. Try these 6 tips to lessen the stress and nail it!

1. Prepare at Least Three Months in Advance

This test is meant to assess your skills as a law student and see if you have the skills and dedication to be a professional lawyer. It’s not the type of test you can cram for because it depends more on logic than knowledge. So, it’s about improving your critical thinking.

Ideally, you want to continue practicing on sample tests for several months before you take the actual test. This will get you familiar with the types of questions and format of the test. 

2. Review Your Practice Test Scores

You’re going to find a lot of the questions unfamiliar to you. Most students take practice tests to get acquainted with the entire procedure and tally up their score at the end. But it’s more important to analyze the score and see where your weaknesses lie. Always pay attention to the questions you got wrong more than the ones you got right.

3. Be Physically and Mentally Prepared

You’ll probably be told that the exam lasts around two hours and 50 minutes, but it’s longer than that and typically runs up to three hours and 10 minutes. That’s a long exam so get a good sleep the night before and plan for it to take the entire day, taking a time off from any other obligations you might have.

You should also know that the writing section is done on a different day than the rest of the exam.

4. Prepare Alone

Studying with friends can work nicely for other types of exams, but the LSAT assesses every student’s individual ability. Every student is different and what you find easy, your study buddy might not, and vice versa. This will lead you to focus more on helping your friend to understand rather than concentrating on strengthening your weak areas.  

5. Play the “Logic Games”

A big part of the exam is what is called logic games. There are about 22 to 25 logic questions and games. These games typically revolve around sequencing, grouping, and matching. A quick search online will find commercial logic games you can try out. They’re an excellent warm-up before the real games begin.

6. Use Previous Tests

Also online, you’ll find previously administrated tests. You might also find them in specific libraries. Some of these tests only come with questions and answers. You’ll do better to find tests that also have an explanation of the answers. Spend a sufficient amount of time working through these and simulate a real, timed test. 

Like so many other exams, the LSAT will appear intimidating and difficult. That’s not to say you can’t pass it. Thorough and smart preparation is always a must in exam taking.

Preparation won’t let you be taken by surprise so you can think clearly and confidently when taking your test.