5 Beauty Hacks for Post-Mask Life

I know it’s hard to remember what life was like pre-pandemic, before lockdowns, panic buying, and face masks. With the uptake in vaccinations across the world and a general slowing of the virus, these times may be back before we know it.

With so many countries rolling back their COVID-19 requirements to a time more reminiscent of how things used to be, you’ll need a little help getting back to full-face makeup.

Here are five simple beauty hacks for post-mask life:

1. Whiten Your Teeth

Although it has been ages since you last smiled in public, those days will soon be back and you need your mouth to look the part. Practice your best post-pandemic smile by getting your teeth whitened. Tooth whitening is an affordable and painless beauty hack, because who doesn’t love a pearly white smile?

2. Skincare Routine

Embracing a healthy skincare routine is always going to make you look better. Your skin needs to be moisturized and glowing to look its best. A thorough skincare routine isn’t just about the products – focus on drinking more water and getting the right vitamins in your diet. Skincare should be a 3-step regimen – water, vitamins, and products.

Your skin glows when you do, so any added stress will take its toll on your skin faster than you can say “skin crisis”.

3. Foundation

If you have all but forgotten what it’s like to wear a full face of makeup, then you’re in for a treat. Apply primer to your cleansed and moisturized face to get the maximum effect.

Choose a foundation with full coverage and then apply a powder, not just any powder but a setting powder that works well with dry skin, with a good quality powder brush. After you’re happy with your makeup application, remember to apply a layer of your favorite setting spray to get maximum wear throughout the day.

4. Lipstick

Remember lipstick? That’s the lovely shade of color that you prefer to be on your lips – not that sad, washed-out natural coloring that you’ve learned to live with during mask life. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a gorgeous natural color, all you need is lipgloss to finish off your look. Lucky ducky!

Choose your lipstick carefully; the aim here is to go back with a bang and not a fizzle.

5. Waxing Time

That is probably a part of pandemic life that you don’t miss, but it is necessary. If you’re unlucky enough to have a mustache before the age of 60, face wax is your friend. You might not have needed to during the last two years, but you’ll need to now.

Look for a good quality at-home hair removing cream if you’re a baby and need more time to pluck up the courage to have your hair ripped from your skin.

To End

As much as the pandemic offered you a reprieve from wearing makeup all day long, you know you missed it. There is just something so inspiring about walking into a room when you’re looking your best. After the last two years, you deserve that!