Steps On How To Become A Homestay Host

A homestay is a popular form of hospitality and accommodation, where visitors share a residence with a local in the city they are traveling to. It also has a host to provide help and assistance throughout their stay and to share their culture as well.

Being a host is a perfect way of meeting people from across the world, share your local neighborhood experience, and raise a little extra money. This can also be ideal for hosting international students in your home. In this writing, we will discuss further the steps on how to become a homestay host.


Hosting is incredibly fun giving you the opportunity to spend time with people from all over the world, teaching and sharing your home.

For most organizations the application process is pretty simple. You just fill out the application form with your name, email address, and telephone number, and other personal information then submits it to start the process of signing up. You also need to advise what services you can provide to guests like WiFi, satellite TV, parking, etc. and even local facilities nearby. 

Describe What Your Home is Like

Provide details and directions to your home regarding your local area. All starts at your profile so provide as much detail as possible to those who are seeking a homestay host. You should give a comprehensive profile, complete with good-quality images and extensive details about what to expect from the available accommodation, facilities, and learning experience.

Nice pictures are going to impress the organization to accept your home for accommodation. Do not discount the potential of getting amazing pictures showing your home at its best. Make sure to include the guest’s room with neat and clean photos.

Home Visit

You will be contacted for a scheduled interview and most of the time, a staff member will visit your home to meet you and inspect the rooms and home environment. You will have the opportunity to ask some questions, identify your preferences, learn about the process and policies too.

Experts from Warm Welcome have a specific policy with regard to host accommodation. In line with their dedication to protecting the children and vulnerable adults, it is critical for all hosts to be mindful of their care duties while hosting. Warm Welcome will take pictures of the guest room and the bathroom, kitchen, and living room during a visit to your house.

If you are approved as a homestay host, they would ask your permission to use some of the pictures taken for their website and brochures to show the variety of accommodation they offer.

Once you have successfully completed all of the above steps and your profile has been reviewed, you will be granted the opportunity to host a student as soon as someone is available who matches your criteria. A host present to welcome the guest into their home is at the core of the homestay experience, they can act as a fantastic support network and can be an outstanding help.

What the homestay will be about is making wonderful memories for you as well as your guests.