4 Things To Consider Before Getting Teeth Aligners

Having straight teeth may seem like the best thing you can do for your self-esteem. With a beautiful smile to face the world, everything seems easier.

Before jumping into the car and racing to the orthodontist’s office, you need to know why you want to have your teeth straightened. Doing it for personal gain would be the best way to ensure that you go through the process and follow the directions.

There will be a few other things to consider as well. Below is a list of items that could need some contemplation before getting aligners:

1. It Is A Long Term Commitment

Getting teeth straight is not an overnight process and may take weeks or even months if there are a few issues to sort out along the way.

Keeping teeth aligners in your mouth for most of the day may also seem challenging, but this is necessary for the teeth to get used to the new alignment pattern. Preparing yourself to have the aligners in for a long period may need some planning.

After the initial treatment, an additional refinement aligner may need to be worn to ensure a long-lasting result. It may be necessary to ask your orthodontist about the length of the treatment and his opinion on the outcome.

The long-term commitment to orthodontic treatment is worth the time and effort for that bright, beautiful smile at the end.

before getting teeth aligners

2. Adjusting Eating Habits

Before eating, the aligners would have to be removed, and since they may only be removed for short periods, meal planning is essential.

Make sure that mealtimes are scheduled and planned, so the aligners are not out of the mouth for longer than necessary. Keeping them in is essential to the result. If you’re inclined to snack throughout the day, then this may mean a complete lifestyle change for the sake of straight teeth.

Some food items may stain the teeth and the aligner, which is another thing to consider when planning meals. Make sure to clean and brush the aligner regularly during the day to prevent stains from setting in.

Hot beverages and foods may also cause damage to the aligners, causing them to twist out of shape. This could mean that they’ll no longer effectively do their job. It may be best to avoid hot food and drinks for the duration of the treatment.

Giving up snacks and tediously planning meals are a small part of the whole process in the greater scope of things. What matters most is how perfect your teeth will be when it’s done.

3. Brushing Regularly

When wearing aligners, a regular and thorough cleaning routine is needed. Brushing in the morning and evening may not be enough.

Adding extra brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash to the day would be best if you want to keep your teeth in good condition. This routine would prevent plaque buildup and food particles stuck in the teeth.

Cleaning the aligner with each brushing session is necessary to prevent stains and ensure that they stay in good working order for the teeth.

4. Extras

Sometimes some extra attachments or procedures would need to be used or done during the alignment process.

The extra attachments are for keeping the device in place, but the orthodontist may recommend other procedures like pulling some teeth if necessary. Each person is unique, and this may mean an individual treatment plan.

When playing sports, it may be best to consider wearing an additional mouthguard to prevent damage to your mouth and the device during contact. Always be mindful of the device and the guard, ensuring that you’re more cautious.

Because the main goal of the aligner is to correct the alignment of the teeth, it may cause some pain and discomfort initially when the device is inserted for the first time. Speak to your orthodontist for solutions to this painful side effect so treatment can continue as planned.

Don’t be dismayed if the process is not exactly as expected. Remember to keep your eyes on the prize—dazzling, straight teeth!

To Straighten It All Up

Getting straight teeth is by no means child’s play, but the results are oh so worth it! By properly planning and getting all the necessary information from your orthodontist, the process will be smooth sailing. Adjusting routines and taking extra care of the teeth are good habits to start, so why not use this time with the aligner to align some priorities.

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Take a selfie of that pretty smile and be proud of those pearly whites!