Belmont Stakes 2022 Is Coming: Who Are The Fastest Winners?

As the last leg of the Triple Crown races is approaching, it is time to reflect on some of the champions that stormed the dirt surface of Belmont Stakes. This is a rather special race in the U.S racing calendar, and for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is part of one of the most prestigious achievements in the horse racing world, called the Triple Crown. Also, it is one of the most challenging races in the world, not only because it takes place within a month from the first two Triple Crown races, but also because it features a 1 ½ mile-long track that is very hard for all participants. This is why the Belmont Stakes earned its nickname as “The Test of the Champion” race.

With that said, there are some competitors that managed to storm down the field and set record times in the Belmont Stakes results that still cannot be beaten.

Secretariat – 1973

If you are a horse racing enthusiast then you probably heard the story about the Secretariat, who was one of the greatest racehorses on the planet. The Secretariat managed to win the Triple Crown races in 1973 and set record-breaking times in every single race.

After winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the Secretariat came to New York for the Belmont Stakes.

The horse amazed everyone with the result as he finished a staggering 31 lengths in front of the second horse, and set a time of 2:24.00.

Since then, no horse has ever come close to reaching this time in America’s most challenging race. Secretariat’s story was told in a movie in 2010 starring Diane Lane, Margo Martindale and John Malkovich.

Easy Goer – 1989

In a heated head-to-head rivalry with the gifted Sunday Silence, Easy Goer pushed to the last second of the racing having the last laugh at the Belmont Stakes in 1989. Easy Goer not only managed to beat his top rival but also set the second-best time ever recorded in a Belmont Stakes race.

Pushed by its competitor Easy Goer managed to set a blisteringly fast time of 2:26.00, winning the race by eight lengths.

Even though this is two seconds slower than the Secretariat, it is still an amazing result compared to all the other participants over the years.

A.P. Indy – 1992

Here we have a Japanese horse, where the owner Tomonori Tsurumaki named his horse after a motor racing circuit in his native town. Even though A.P. Indy had a Japanese horse owner, the actual horse had winning genes and was the only three-generational winning family of the Belmont Stake.

After an incredible performance in the 1992 Belmont Stakes, A.P. Indy managed to beat his direct competitors such as My Memoris and Pine Bluff and finish three-quarters of a length in front. This recorded a time of 2:26.13, which set him as the third-fastest horse ever to finish the Belmont Stakes.

Risen Star – 1988

Here we have the son of the great Secretariat, who many people believed can become one of the greatest horses due to its champion genes. However, after an unsuccessful run at the Kentucky Derby, Risen Star came to the Belmont Stakes looking for redemption.

Trained by Louie Roussel III, Risen Star managed to storm the New York race course finishing 14 lengths in front of his competitors.

He also managed to set a very quick time of 2:26.4, making him the second-fastest horse after the Secretariat at that time.

Point Given – 2001

Moving to the modern century, we have Point Given, which many people doubt can win the Belmont Stakes after a disappointing 5th place in the Kentucky Derby. However, Point Given managed to squeeze every bit of energy in the Belmont Stakes finishing 12 lengths in front of A P Valentine.

Point Given registered a time of 2:26.56 making him one of the fastest horses ever to run at the Belmont Stakes.