Propelling Into The Future Of Mobility Aids: 8 Must-Know Benefits Of Electric Wheelchairs

There are many reasons why people may need mobility aids. Age, injury, disability, and other factors contribute to difficulty getting around. You can choose from several mobility aids, including canes and wheelchairs. If you require a wheelchair, you may be interested in the benefits of using an electric wheelchair instead of a push wheelchair.

Here are eight significant benefits to using a motor-powered wheelchair to travel.

1. Independence

For many mobility aid users, the loss of independence is the most challenging part. Traditional wheelchairs could require the help of a second person to push them. With the use of an electric wheelchair, you can regain some of that independence and move around without assistance. 

This benefit is imperative to most people since nobody wants to find themselves stuck without a way to move around their home or neighborhood. Even if you still need some help getting in and out of the chair or completing other tasks, the amount of independence that the power wheelchair provides can be life-changing.

2. Comfort

Motor-powered wheelchairs tend to be more comfortable than manual wheelchairs. These chairs are more oversized and less confining with extra padding on the seat cushions and armrests. Because of the larger size, motorized chairs provide heightened stability and security. 

People who need wheelchairs because of physical injuries, disabilities, chronic pain, age, or other issues that may cause pain will benefit from the softer, more comfortable seat. The extra padding can also help prevent skin irritation and pressure-related ulcers on long-term chair users.

3. Safety

One of the main benefits of using a motorized wheelchair instead of a manual wheelchair is increased safety. Because of their stability, electric wheelchairs are less likely to become unbalanced and tip over, which could cause grave injuries in someone who already has difficulty getting around on their own. It also has little to no chance of accidental rolling. In a manual wheelchair, you risk losing control of the chair when on an inclined surface.

4. Energy conservation

Even those who do not require the help of a second person to push their wheelchair will benefit from an electric wheelchair. The use of a joystick or keypad to control the speed and direction of your chair means that you don’t have to push the wheels manually. 

Pushing yourself can be extremely tiring. You can have longer outings and do more with your days if you conserve your energy. This energy conservation can be crucial for individuals with disorders like chronic fatigue, who may wear down more quickly than others.

5. Versatility

A clear benefit of using an electric wheelchair is the variety of terrains you can traverse. It is much more challenging to maneuver over certain landscape types with a manual chair. The wheels on motorized wheelchairs tend to be thicker and can roll over gravel and unstable surfaces easier than those of a traditional wheelchair. It is also much more manageable and requires less effort to wheel up an inclined surface.

6. Ease of use

Using a motorized chair is more straightforward than using a manual wheelchair. It requires less physical and mental energy. You can maneuver around corners and into tight spaces, tricky things to do in a standard wheelchair. 

7. Higher weight limits

Some people require a wheelchair because of their weight or weight-related conditions. This barrier to access can make it challenging to find a wheelchair that will support the user safely and securely. Electric wheelchairs have a higher weight limit and are more comfortable. Sturdier chairs will better support people of a greater size, who will benefit from the extra stability and comfort. 

8. Variety

Conventional wheelchairs can be boring. Stripped-down manual chairs tend to be less expensive than power chairs, so they don’t come with all the bells and whistles. If you purchase an electric model, it may come equipped with padded leg rests, headrests, and other accessories. 

There are more options for customizing and accessorizing your motorized chair than a push wheelchair. This benefit is vital to many people. If you are going to rely on a mobility aid, you want it to reflect your personality. You also want to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible.

Key takeaways

There are clear benefits to choosing an electric wheelchair as your mobility aid. Nobody wants to rely on equipment to get around every day, but when it is necessary, you want to make the best choice possible. 

Luckily, we live in a time when we have access to advanced technology and the best medical equipment available. This technological era means that more people than ever can enjoy the advantages of using an electric wheelchair to help them get around. If you’re considering investing in an electric wheelchair, you could open up doors to a new level of accessibility in your daily life.