4 Benefits of Embroidered Products

Many clothing customization companies avoid providing embroidered products because they tend to require a bit more effort and more materials than printed ones. This is unfortunate, as embroidered products have many more pros than cons, some of which you can learn about below. If you’d like to see which clothing items can be embroidered, you can go now.

1. It’s Often More Durable

Although the printing processes used on clothing have drastically improved over the years to provide more durable and beautiful printed products, embroidery is still more durable than printed designs because it is sewn right into the clothing.

Embroidered products never fade and sometimes even outlast the product itself. Prints made with lower quality ink can fade or peel away after just a few washes, taking all the fun out of ordering custom apparel.

2. It Can Look More Professional

Nothing looks more professional than an embroidered polo shirt with a company logo or simple graphic on the upper left chest or on a breast pocket. Embroidery works well with polo shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts, giving an overall better look for professional events or work uniforms than printed designs.

3. It Provides a Feel of Higher Quality

Intricate stitching does cost a bit more than printed clothing items, but embroidered clothing pieces simply feel like they are high-quality pieces. If purchasing custom clothing as a gift for friends family members, opting for an embroidered piece can really make a statement about the quality of the item you are giving.

Providing embroidered pieces for employees as uniforms or incentives can also make them feel appreciated by the company.

4. It Can Make Your Designs Pop

Although embroidery works best with small and simple designs, those designs tend to really pop thanks to the threadwork that custom embroidery provides. Embroidery can also add a bit of shine and texture from the thread that really catches the eye and commands attention. Capturing that same degree of texture and shine is impossible to get with print.

Which Products Work Better with Embroidery?

Embroidery tends to work best with products that have thicker materials, like polo shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and similar fabrics. Embroidery doesn’t work quite as well on products with thinner materials, like T-shirts, as those materials can lead to bunching and make embroidery look sloppy and unprofessional.

Thicker T-shirts may work with some embroidered designs, but it is significantly more difficult to get a desirable the look and feel in these instances.

Final Considerations

When considering designs for embroidered products, its best to keep the logos or images as simple as possible. Try sticking to basic shapes, minimal text, and just a few colors for optimal embroidery results on clothing.

Embroidery doesn’t work as well with designs that have color gradients or many small and intricate details or parts. If your design has either of these, it may be better to opt for print in those scenarios. You can also order an embroidery sample to further explore the look and feel of embroidery at home.