What are the Benefits of Staying Hydrated?

As humans, water accounts for around 60% of our bodies. So it’s no surprise that water is essential to every muscle, cell, and bone in our bodies. Water is more than a replenishing drink; it aids our health, bodies, and minds in more ways than you could have ever imagined. It might not be on your list of priorities, but these reasons stated below might change your mind. 

While there is no clear scientific proof of how many glasses of water we should drink a day, staying hydrated is absolutely crucial to our health and the way we function. This is why it’s always recommended to carry a water bottle, preferably with a filter, wherever you go. If you need help finding a water bottle with a great filter, consider checking online reviews on the best portable water bottles that will aid your constant hydration.

A filtered bottle will actually be even more beneficial if you’re in the great outdoors camping or jogging, or you’re unsure of the water’s cleanliness. Clean water doesn’t only quench your thirst, but it also brings you a myriad of benefits. 

Here are the top benefits that you can reap when you stay hydrated: 

Gives You an Energy Boost 

Drinking water regularly throughout the day will be a major energy boost for you, and you’ll start noticing that you can be more active. Gone are the days of being lazy and lethargic, because a few glasses of water will give you all the energy you need to function.

Hydrating means that your cells are getting the right amount of nutrients; whereas, dehydration means that this process is stalled, and your cell membrane ends up affecting you physically and mentally. 

Helps You Work Out Better 

Water enhances your physical performance and allows you to endure any physical activity much better. The way it works is that it provides you with enough electrolytes, and it maintains your muscles.

Without water, you’re prone to muscle cramps, fatigue, a change in your body temperature, and an overall sense of demotivation. When you exercise profusely, obviously you will sweat. So, it’s always best to replenish the water you’ve lost to avoid dehydration and weakness during a workout. 

Gives You Clearer Skin 

When you notice that your skin is dry and flaky, that’s your skin, giving you a drastic cry for help. Your skin is replenished by water just as much as your inner body is. When you drink enough water, your skin becomes softer, more supple, and clear; soon enough you’ll start noticing radiant skin. 

Enhances Brain Function 

Believe it or not, your brain is greatly dependent on your hydration levels; dehydration actually reduces its ability to function in terms of memory, focus, and overall mood and mental abilities. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can impair your brain’s ability to recollect information and concentrate on a task.

You will also feel anxious and fatigued, as well as frequently facing intense headaches. And so, drinking water helps keep fluid in the brain, and that improves memory function, reduces headaches, and enhances your concentration levels. 

Promotes Weight Loss 

Studies have shown that hydrating regularly can encourage you to consume fewer calories within the day, and you will be less likely to crave unhealthy food. Water is also claimed to increase your metabolism and satisfy your appetite. Many dieticians recommend drinking water before meals to increase your metabolic rate as well as make you reduce calorie intake. 

Removes Toxins and Aids Digestion 

Lack of water can also affect digestion, causing you constipation and irregular bowel movements. On the other hand, when you drink water regularly, you’re able to regulate your bowel movements, release all the toxins in your body, and feel much lighter.

Your digestive system needs water continuously to function properly, as well prevent any acidity, heartburn, and stomach ulcers. If you ever feel you’re constipated, consider drinking water, and you’ll notice better results. 

Promotes Circulation and Kidney Function 

Dehydration will cause your blood to thicken, and so, your heart will have a hard time pumping blood through your body the way it should. However, constantly hydrating will lower your blood pressure and improves circulation. Meanwhile, lack of water can also cause a delay in kidney functions due to the development of kidney stones. You can only reduce the risk of kidney stones is if you drink enough water regularly. 

When it comes to beverages, it’s easy to reach for sodas, juice, and coffee or tea. However, as much as these beverages are tasty, they won’t give you the same benefits that water does. Unlike water, they’re jam-packed with sugar and calories. Whereas drinking water regularly will enhance your health more than you know.