Discover the Awesome Benefits of Water Softener

Not many people understand how a water conditioner can benefit them. While it may be safe to say that a water softener helps to soften water, it’s always not clear from what. Now, who doesn’t need water? It’s an essential element as far as our existence and survival are concerned. Both animals and plants need it to survive and stay healthy.

And hey, even the microscopic organisms need it to thrive. But the water we depend on for survival may not always be safe for consumption. As clean as it may seem, it may be harboring some of the most notorious microorganisms as far as human health is concerned. But today, we’ll be shedding more light on the strangest phenomena that baffle many people worldwide regarding water consumption, the disparity between soft and hard water.

Now, apart from the industrial contaminants found in water, other mineral contents are naturally occurring in it. The difference, however, has to do with the water type in question. Basically, hard water has a higher mineral content than soft water. On the other hand, soft water contains a mild concentration of minerals. To be precise, soft water contains little traces of ions – magnesium and calcium. Now, when we talk about water softeners, they help to remove the minerals and impurities found in hard water, thus removing the ‘hardness’. 

There are three major types of water softening systems that are commonly used to remove the mineral elements, they include salt-free water softeners, magnetic water descalers, and salt-based water softeners. If you’re out shopping for a good water softening system, these great options are worth looking into. They are available under various brands, in different sizes, with different features, and functional mechanisms. However, whole house water softeners produce similar results, softening your water to make it safer, friendlier to your pocket, and gentler to the environment. 

With this in mind, let’s now take a look at the awesome benefits of water softeners.

1. No More Water Spots

Have you ever washed your expensive silverware just to find white spots that make your valuable items unsightly? If so, then you can relate to this irritating problem. If left unattended, these spots can leave permanent marks on your most valuable possessions. So don’t go blaming it on the soap, it’s the water’s fault. This comes from the minerals found in hard water and their reaction to detergents.

Using water softeners will eliminate the calcium ions, leaving only calcium crystals that are friendlier to your utensils. You can easily say goodbye to those water spots by investing in a water softener system.

2. Keeping Your Hair and Skin Nourished and Glowing

The use of hard water on the skin can cause skin irritation, itchiness, and dry skin. The effects of hard water on your skin can be far-reaching. This is because when bathing in hard water with soap or shampoo, no matter how hard you try to rinse the soap, it will still leave a film of soap scum. This clogs the pores on your skin, potentially leading to skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, and eczema, among others.

Hard water can also be harsh on your hair, making it dull and flaky. It could also lead to hair loss in extreme cases, depending on your hair type and texture. These are risks you can say goodbye to if you install a water softener in your home. 

3. Improves the Efficiency of Water Heater Appliances

Are you tired of the ever-increasing utility bills, repairs, and replacement costs? It may all be due to the use of hard water on your water heater appliances. When hard water passes on water heaters, it causes the minerals in the water to build up at an accelerated rate. These mineral deposits have a corrosive effect and with time, your heating appliances can break down.

But before this happens, the scales will cause your appliances to work extra harder to heat your water as the mineral deposits prevent the transfer of heat, and you know what this means? – higher utility bills at the end of the month. Now, if you want your water heaters, coffee makers, and dishwashers to last longer, it’s time you thought about using a water softener for all your water heating needs.

4. Protects Your Pipes and Faucets from Damage

If for the longest time you’ve been receiving hard water through pipes, there are higher chances that they may get clogged. If this is left for too long, it can get even worse requiring urgent repairs. While some people may prefer to use plastic pipes, they’ll still need to use metallic faucets in their bathrooms, sinks, and showerheads.

To tell if your pipes or faucets are clogged, the water pressure will be lower than it originally was when you moved in. Using water softeners will help to eliminate the buildup of these minerals, thus keeping your water pressure constant and your faucets free from corrosion.

5. It’s Time-saving and Economical

Once you’ve installed a water softener in your home, you’ll begin to see changes in your utility bills, fewer repairs, and minimal appliance replacement costs. Again, no one wants to spend too much time cleaning. It can be irritating, and unfortunately, this is what you get when you use hard water. First and foremost, the soap doesn’t lather easily and secondly, you’ll have to sweat it out cleaning those watermarks.

To save the situation, using soft water will save you half the time and in addition to this, it’s going to leave your house, clothes, utensils, and car sparkling clean! And hey, did we mention clothes? Well, here comes the next important benefits of water softeners

6. Protecting Your Clothes

We all love the idea of wearing good, well-pressed, nice-smelling clothes. Of course, you want to ensure that your best outfits last longer and maintain their original colors. Now, if you have a tendency to wash your clothes in hard water, there are higher chances that your clothes are not in their original color and have become lighter and weaker.

The mineral elements in hard water are not friendly on the microfibers of your clothes. But with these mineral elements eliminated by water softeners, you’ll have safe water to take care of your laundry and this will help to protect your most valuable fabrics. This is because soft water is gentle and when used with soap, it lathers quickly. Instead of a nightmare, doing the laundry might as well become your favorite chore.

Finally, you now don’t have a reason to keep using hard water in your home. This will only eat into your finances and, it’s not as friendly as you may think about your skin. Thanks to technology, there are so many water softener products on the market today, some of which are great options that can solve your hard water woes and gift you with the above benefits.