25 Best Gifts for Hikers

For hikers, nothing beats the time spent outdoors. They love their hiking gear so much that their enthusiasm is evident when they talk about it.

Therefore, if you’re looking to find a gift for a hiker, it better be something they can use in their next adventure.

With several confusing options, buying the right gift can be difficult.

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This post will ease it up for you.

1. Solar Lantern

A solar lantern is the most reliable source of light out there. In emergencies like a sudden failure of battery-powered torches, a solar lantern can save the day.

You can get your friend a small lantern that runs on both solar energy and batteries.

2. Coffee Maker

Does your friend believe that a good day starts with a cup of coffee?

Sure, instant coffee is an easier option. But if we’re honest, it doesn’t taste great.

Give a lightweight coffee maker to a hiker and they’ll thank you every morning they spend in the woods.

3. Backpack

What comes to your mind when you picture a hiker?

I’m sure it’s a person carrying a huge rucksack. No matter how many backpacks a hiker has, a new one is always a pleasant surprise.

Learn more about buying the best backpack on this blog post. If you need a better understanding of the essentials of backpacking, this article might help you as well.

4. Insect Repellent Lotion

As much as hikers love to immerse themselves in Nature, some of them have issues with insects. It’s a good thing because some insect bites can be extremely painful and damage the skin.

Buy them a bottle of insect repellent lotion to show that you care.

5. Carabiners

Although carabiners are usually associated with rock climbing, they serve as multipurpose tools for hikers and campers.

From securing your things to hanging your bags, carabiners can be very useful. Bright-colored carabiners are the best choice for hikers due to their visibility.

6. Comfortable Hammock

Hammock camping has gained immense popularity in recent years. They’re easy to set up and fun to use.

Even though you can rest in a tent, the elevation you get in a hammock is unbeatable.

Look for a durable hammock that is at least 3 feet longer than the hiker’s height.

7. Hanging Tent

To those hiking with children, there’s nothing better than gifting hanging tents for kids. They look adorable and are super comfortable for the little ones.

As most of the hanging tents are cushioned, kids can hang out inside the tent for long hours.

8. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

When hikers are out in cold weather, their hands wish for some warmth. So, get them a pair of rechargeable hand warmers.

Back in the day, hand warmers came as liquids in small pouches. As you guessed it, they aren’t reusable. But modern hand warmers are eco-friendly and last for hours.

9. Hiking GPS

Getting lost on a trail is scary. There’s no one around to call for help and in that panic, you may not be able to think clearly.

As a precaution, hikers are always advised to carry a tracking device like a GPS unit. Buy a hiking GPS with long battery life and access to a maximum number of satellites.

10. Insulated Boots

To hike in the harsh weather, a pair of insulated boots are a must. They keep your feet warm and dry.

Slipping on the ice is, ouch, painful. Choose a pair of insulated boots with non-slip soles to prevent such mishaps.

11. Pocket Blanket

Pocket blankets can seat 2-4 people comfortably. They can be folded back to pocket-size by following a given pattern.

A pocket blanket intended for hikers is made of nylon and is therefore waterproof and doesn’t puncture easily.

12. Packable Camp Chairs

I always recommend hikers to not compromise on comfort when setting out to the woods. If you’re not enjoying the hike, you’re not doing it right.

New campers don’t realize the benefits of a camping chair and consider it unimportant. They miss the fact that camping chairs are cozy and can be carried around without stress.

13. Mini Water Filter

For longer hikes, it’s impossible to carry enough water. Attempting to pull this feat can be bad for your spine. Water sources in the woods are usually contaminated. Not staying hydrated for days can put a toll on your health.

A mini water filter should solve all these problems by purifying water within 15-20 seconds.

14. Wireless Headphones

Some hikers prefer listening to music or podcasts while heading to their destination. Using regular headphones is out of style as wires aren’t considered attractive anymore.

Lucky for you, there are several weather-resistant wireless headphones that are designed to fit snugly in your ears.

15. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Hydration is a crucial aspect to stay healthy and energized while hiking. But sipping on plain water can get boring. Infusing fruits like lemon and berries into water adds a refreshing touch and gives you extra nutrients.

A fruit infuser bottle lets you reuse the fruit which means every bit of its flavor is utilized.

16. Hiking Logbook

Give your loved ones a premium hiking logbook to store all the memories they make outdoors. This differs from journals mainly in the spaces allotted to activities specific for hiking.

Your friend can fill the logbook with details of their hiking trips and pass it on to the next hiker in their family. How cool is that!

17. Portable Campfire

Cozying up with a campfire is made easy with a campfire that comes in a box. You don’t worry about finding logs and kindling the fire. With a portable campfire, you can enjoy all the benefits (yep, even roasting marshmallows) with zero fuss.

18. Compressible Pillow

Make your hiker friend sleep like a baby by giving them a high-quality compressible pillow. After all, sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together.

19. Aluminum Tent Stakes

If you’re an experienced camper, I think you already know how unreliable tent pegs that come in your tent’s package are.

Thankfully, you can use solid aluminum tent stakes instead to set up your camp. They’re flexible and stand strong in all types of soil.

20. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles are made of silicone. They’re flexible allowing you to compress them to fit into a small pocket.

They’re dishwasher-safe and usually come with a leak-proof cap.

21. Propane Stove

Although there are several types of backpacking stoves, propane-fueled ones are the most popular choice. Giving your friend a small two-burner stove encourages them to eat fresh food when they’re out by themselves. Make sure your friend knows how to operate stoves before proceeding to this gift option.

22. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Families that hike together may also love listening to music together. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker will be your best bet because it can withstand unpredictable weather conditions.

23. Multitool

On the trail, you never know what tool you might need. There’s nothing annoying than knowing what to do but not having the right tool. Multitools stay true to their name without you having to carry your tool kit everywhere.

24. Vacuum Food Jar

For single-day hikes, carrying a stove to cook your meal is not practical. You can simply pack your food in a vacuum food jar and devour it while enjoying the view. Vacuum jars maintain the temperature of your food (both hot and cold) for nearly 10 hours.

25. Merino Wool Base Layers

As an intimate gift, you can buy them some nice merino wool base layers. Merino wool is widely preferred by hikers due to its softness, breathability, and insulation. Your friend can use merino wool base layers in pretty much all types of weather.


I hope you found ‘the one’ while reading this post. Do you have any other gifts in mind?