Best Home Appliances That Can Help You Save Money

Are you tired of wasting money and energy on smart home appliances like your thermostats and lighting? Here is a list of smart home appliances that are cost-efficient and energy-saving.

Money-Saving Appliances: Our Top Choices

#1: Reducing Power Usage through Smart Power Strips

Home appliances usually drain power when not in use. You can rack up your power bill if you’re not careful. To conserve energy and reduce your expenses, try using smart power strips.

Smart power strips come in various designs. Some are colour-coded. Others contain charging ports and outlets which don’t suck on power like standard charging ports.

Another option would be to digitally activate Alexa or Google Home, which contain motion detectors and voice controls. Essentially, by switching to smart power strips, you can observe a decrease of 50% in the total energy wasted.

#2: Conservation of Water via Smart Sprinklers

Lawns are water-, energy-, and money- inefficient. Also, they are high maintenance, especially in areas with varying climates. Therefore, if you want to save the planet and your wallet, you should avoid misuse of water.

To do that, you can try a highly customisable and programmable sprinkler control system. This sprinkler system was designed to reduce water usage. It achieves this by accommodating various parameters such as soil moisture, weather, and the different nutritional needs of the plants in the yard.

You can also add a smart faucet that Alexa can control anytime if needed.

#3: Adjusting Temperatures using Smart Thermostats

According to a professional energy analyst, smart thermostats reduce temperature costs from 10 % – 25 % by helping with precise control of the house’s temperature. However, thermostats don’t actually decrease energy expenditure.

The thermostat only consumes energy depending on a person’s habit, temperature settings, the house’s HVAC system, etc. For efficiency, use a smart thermostat to save up on temperature costs.

#4: Energy-Efficient Boilers

Heating cost is reported to encompass 53% of your annual energy consumption, so upgrading to one of the best boilers available with higher efficiency is sure to make a difference.

Regularly maintained boilers are known to have an efficient fuel-burning capacity. However, there are instances when these boilers, especially the older versions, lose some heat as gases escape from the flue (the pipe used to extract fumes and maintain the freshness of the air inside your boiler). The only way to prevent this is to invest in a more upgraded boiler.

Advanced boilers are efficient for various reasons. But, they are certainly your best choice because these modern boilers are upgraded to be condensing boilers. These boilers have greater heat exchange capacity as it saves up more heat and efficiently delivers cooler air.

Since it utilizes your energy well, these boilers will surely help you save up from your regular monthly bill.

#5: Proper Power Meter Monitoring

A high-power bill catches you entirely off-guard. Of course, you can always check your energy usage by yourself. However, we recommend using smart power monitors for better monitoring. Not only can it track energy expenditure, but it can also identify appliances that are on and turn them off. With this, energy drainage won’t become a severe problem.

#6: Smart Window Covering

Do you want to close your blinds, curtains, etc., but think it’s too bothersome? By using a smart window covering, you can control it with just one button or voice command. It also has temperature and lighting control settings that you can program to respond to your environment automatically.


Smart technology makes our lives easier and more cost-efficient. So if you want to modernise your home, these are the top must-have appliances that can help you rake more savings.