Tips and Tricks for Using the Best Online Slot Bonuses in Canada

Online slots are, without any doubt, the most popular casino game in all parts of the globe. There are many reasons why people love them. First and foremost, these games do not have high requirements in terms of gambling experience. Even beginners can play them as they do not come with some complex rules.

On the other hand, people love them because they do not require big bets. In some cases, you can spin a reel for just a couple of cents. If the slot has a progressive jackpot (most of them do have them), then you can easily earn some higher rewards.

But money is not the most important thing. The opportunity to play for a longer time with low costs and enjoy amazing graphics is the main reason why people love them. Playing slots for a longer time is possible because of low bets and SLOT BONUSES.

Slot bonuses are an amazing reward that every player can claim. Using them isn’t as easy as you think. While the outcome of slots directly depends on luck, there is a way to raise your chances of getting some larger winnings.

Where to Find the Best Slot Bonuses?

Slot bonuses usually come in a form of free spins that people can get as part of the welcome package. Also, the existing players can usually claim them when meeting the wagering requirements of ongoing promotions. But how good the bonuses will be, depends on how generous the casino where you registered is.

That means the first tip we have for you is to find the best slot casinos! People often think this is easy as Google lets you find everything. The investigation should not last for a couple of minutes. You may miss some of the best offers out there.

Because of that, we would like to recommend one place where you can find more information. If you truly want to find gambling sites with the best online slots bonuses in Canada, we recommend you check the ones listed on this page. That way, you can be sure you haven’t missed the best offers!

After we explained that finding the best slot sites is the key move, let’s move to other tips and tricks. We are sure they will be helpful!

Pick the Game with Low Bet Requirements

If you pick the right casino, then you can be sure you will play games developed by some of the most successful software development companies. The best software developers understand the requirement that Canadian players have. They expect good graphics, random games, and the ability to play with a low budget.

If you need to spend some higher amounts, then you will lose your bonus pretty quickly. Of course, there is a chance to earn a bit more money. But, as we said, money is not the point of gambling; focus on entertainment!

P.S. This is a tip for bonuses that are expressed only in free cash that you can later turn into spins. With free spins, you can enjoy any game you want.

Use Bonus and Leave

Before everything, check out the wagering requirements of the casino. You must be sure that you can meet them and unlock the bonus. After you unlock the bonus, we recommend you start using it immediately! The money you get out of bonuses can sometimes be big. However, it doesn’t matter if it is big or not. We suggest you withdraw the money you earned from the promotion and move to another website.

Why do we say this? The money you earned is a great initial capital that you can invest in unlocking another slot bonus. You are basically not spending your money at all. You can go from one casino to another. If you register only at the best ones, there is a big chance you will find exactly the same game on different gambling platforms. So, you are basically not missing anything.

Become the Part of VIP Scheme

Casinos use different marketing strategies to attract the biggest gambling enthusiasts. That’s why their annual revenue is around 53 billion dollars. One of the methods gambling platforms like to use is to create a VIP scheme. That means all the passionate players can get some additional benefits as members of these websites.

VIP schemes ensure that you get better bonuses and promotions. That means you can play slots even for a longer period. But let’s make something clear. Chances of winning rewards are the same for VIP and “non-VIP” players. All the slots work on a Random Number Generator which ensures complete randomness of the games. But, if you want to claim some better bonuses, this is the way you can do it.

Be Careful

We must end this article with one crucial tip. All the players need to be careful. We won’t neglect that slots are interesting. Yet, the games are quick, and you must be careful when playing them. People spend their bonus in a blink of an eye and continue spending the winnings they got. There is no reason to do that. Play slots until they stop being interesting. If they make you feel nervous, then you should not play them at all.


Using slot bonuses isn’t science fiction. If you ask us, they really are a helpful tool that can allow you to gamble for a longer time. Indeed, they can also help you turn free cash of spins into real money. However, that should not be your focus. Use them wisely on games with high RTP and low bet requirements.

When you get your winnings, simply withdraw your money, go to another website, and make a deposit. Of course, you can take that money and stop playing slots for a certain period. If you do these two things, you can be sure the bonuses were really useful. If you spend them immediately, then slot rewards do not have any specific meaning.