Choosing A Pet: What Are The Best Pets To Own?

Did you know that around 70% of American households own pets? This truly is a nation of animal lovers!

Perhaps you’re thinking about getting a pet for yourself. But maybe you can’t decide what kind of pet is right for you.

If you’re looking to find out more about some of the best pets to own, read on. We’ve put together this simple list to outline some of the best choices.


It’s an obvious choice, but a dog might be the best family pet. With easy access and breeds to suit all types of people, they’re the perfect starter pet for those without much animal experience.

Do thorough research into any dog you choose to get. If you don’t have the time for obedience training or you’re unable to exercise your dog daily, they might not be the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for a breed that’s perfect for families, why not try a retired racing greyhound? Plenty of these ex-athletes are looking for homes and they make perfect pets for families. They’re friendly, obedient, and will spend most of their time indoors snoozing or enjoying belly rubs.

Ferrets (Some of the Best Pets to Own!)

If you’ve never seen the shining eyes of a ferret staring lovingly up at its owners, you’re yet to experience the true joy of ferrets.

These critters are active and love to run around, so you’ll enjoy plenty of active fun if you choose a ferret as a pet. They’re also litter trainable, just like cats.

The cost of owning a ferret isn’t as high as you might think. While all pets have their maintenance costs, you don’t need to be a billionaire to own one of these fantastic creatures.


Rats often get a bad rap, but they are some of the best small pets around. They’re clean, intelligent, and cute. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they’re easy to care for.

As social creatures, rats shouldn’t be kept alone. It’s best to keep them in groups of three or more, where they’ll form dynamic social groups that keep them engaged.

You can even teach rats simple tricks. They just love to be taken out of their cages and played with! As some of the most interactive animals around, a rat could be considered the best pet for kids.

Guinea Pigs

These incredibly low-maintenance pets are perfect for working families who might not be home throughout the day.

As long as you can provide a large enclosure, plenty of bedding material, and chew toys, guinea pigs don’t need constant engagement from humans.

Just like rats, guinea pigs are sociable creatures that should always be kept in pairs or groups. You’ll also get more enjoyment out of seeing them interact with each other.

Think it Over

Remember, buying a new pet isn’t like buying a toy. You need to think very carefully about any living animal you bring into your life. They’re living beings with their own needs and you must ensure you can care for them properly.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best pets to own. Looking for more fun and informative content? Check out our blog for more!