Buyer’s Guide to The Best Pool Robot Cleaners for Vinyl Pool

Everybody loves frolicking in the pool, especially during hot, summer days. Having a barbeque session and enjoying the refreshing dip with your family or friends are the best ways to cap off the weekend. With all these fun moments, you can’t afford to get your pool dirty.

Manually cleaning the pool is a grueling and time-consuming task. Using ordinary cleaning materials can make the job even more physically exhausting and can also destroy the vinyl linings. They can cause holes unto the liner and can wear them out over time.

Using a pool robot cleaner designed to clean the pool while protecting its vinyl liner is a good move. Pool cleaners made for the concrete pool may have pointy or rough edges, which can damage the vinyl. On the other hand, automatic filters with soft and flexible bristles work best in cleaning the pool while protecting vinyl surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Robotic Cleaner

What exactly should you be looking for in a pool robot cleaner for a vinyl pool? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying the right one:

1. Pool Size

A bigger pool needs high-powered models that can clean the tiles longer. A robot that works great on a 30-feet may not work on a 50-feet pool.

So why can’t you just let it work longer? There are two possible answers here. First, the cord could be disconnected from the power socket if the robot will try to pull it further than what its length allows. Also, the wire (or its connection inside the unit) could be damaged by that pulling force or objects like the pool’s sharp edges.

Second, it could also be a software issue as the software could only be programmed based on the distance the robot is allowed to move (for safety or other purposes).

Some models have a maximum depth requirement. When the robot is used beyond its limit, it may not work properly.

2. Identify “Must-Have” Features

A robot with many features can eat a big chunk of your budget pie. As expected, the more advanced a robot is, the more expensive it becomes. Here are some of the features that most advanced pool robots have:

· Remote/Bluetooth Control
· Cleaning scheduling
· Wall climbing
· Waterline scrubbing
· Stair cleaning
· Top-loading filter cartridges instead of bags
· Smart pool mapping
· Anti-tangle cable

The truth is, you don’t need all of these features. Decide which among them you think you need the most. For instance, if your family spends most of the time outside, maybe one with automatic scheduling is preferable. If you’re home often, then you don’t need this feature.

Picking the robot with only the essentials you need can save you money.

3. Price

How much is your budget for an efficient pool robot cleaner? As mentioned above, if you want a high-end model with many features, you need to have a big budget for it. If you’re going to get one, but you don’t like to break a bank, consider the features you need first, then research for models that fit your budget.

4. Customer Reviews

See what previous users are saying about the item. Keep an eye on their comments that highlight the pros and cons of the product. Search also for tech review websites that give ratings and feedback on various gadgets.

The writers on these pages give their two cents about the performance and the value of a specific model. For instance, experts help make choices in comments to guide readers when buying the right pool robot.

Look for the item on Amazon and read its feedback. The reviews on Amazon are from real customers who give their honest opinion. Weigh-in the feedback objectively by looking at the worst and the best ratings. Then, determine the average score to see if the item you’re looking at is worth your money.

5. Company Reputation

Most companies are known for a specific product they make. Dell makes PCs while Volkswagen manufactures cars. Obviously, you will not buy a PC made by Volkswagen, right?

The point here is to put your trust in the company that specializes in making pool robot cleaners for vinyl pools. It makes searching for the product easier because you already know the brand that you need to look for.

6. Ask for a Warranty

A pool robot is prone to wear and tear. In other cases, the product can already be faulty straight out of the box. When these situations happen, a product warranty can save you from a lot of trouble.

Always check for a warranty. The rule of the thumb is, the more expensive the product is, the longer the warranty should be. Don’t settle for a $1,200 pool robot with a one-year warranty only. It’s not worth it.

7. Cleaning Methods

Pool robots have a wide array of cleaning methods. Those with scrub brushes are good at dislodging debris like algae so it can be sucked up. Meanwhile, some cleaners only have a suction capability, so any additional cleaning will need to be done manually.

For the vinyl pool, choose a model that has a superior brushing power and has a firm yet flexible bristle. These characteristics ensure superior cleaning without damaging the vinyl linings.

8. Other Considerations

Other factors you need to consider include:

Smart Scanning System: This feature makes the poll robot work independently. It prevents the machine from bumping off the sidewall and ladders. If you have an oddly-shaped pool, you need a robot with an excellent scanning system.

Weight: Pool cleaners collect water and dirt so it will weigh more after the operation. For heavy units, you may need wheeled caddies to take the robot from one place to another.

Swivel Cords: This feature keeps the cord from tangling up, which is essential because you don’t want to untangle the wire while the machine is running.

Need more buying tips? Watch this video for more vinyl pool care suggestions.

Final Words

Pool robot cleaners are beneficial in keeping your pool look immaculately clean. For vinyl pools, don’t use any other type of robots as they can contribute to the pool liner’s demise. Instead, choose a machine that is designed to efficiently clean the pool without destroying the linings.

With so many pool robot brands in the market today, deciding which one to pick can be difficult. But if you follow the tips above, you can find the perfect machine in no time.