The Best Bet on Soccer Guide

The National Football League attracts the most betting action in the United States, but it is soccer that is the most popular worldwide. If you are looking to make La Liga predictions today or betting on a different league, there are always going to be plenty of betting options out there. 

Soccer is a sport that has some interesting or unique betting options to choose from, but there are also some that are similar to other sports. If you are going to bet on soccer then you are going to want to know the different betting options that are out there. 

This soccer betting guide will briefly touch on the best betting options that are out there. 

Three Way Moneyline

One of the best ways to make La Liga predictions is to look to bet on the moneyline. Betting the moneyline is simply picking the winning team in a game, but it looks a little bit different when it comes to soccer

There will actually be three moneyline betting options on the moneyline in soccer because this is a sport that can end in a tie. You will also have a chance to bet on a “tie” when it comes to the sport of soccer or you can choose to bet on one of the teams to win the game outright.


Betting against the spread is always a good option regardless of the sport, and that includes soccer. The one major difference when it comes to soccer is that the spread is going to be extremely small because this is a sport that doesn’t see many goals. 

It’s not uncommon to see the spread set at just 0.5 of a point, or it could be larger depending on the matchup. There is no option to pick a tie if you are going to bet the result, and a tie is actually one way for the underdog to cover. 

Draw No Bet

This is a traditional moneyline wager, but it’s a bet that can end without a winner. Because soccer games can end in a tie, you can make a draw no bet wager, and just live with the fact that this bet might end up being meaningless. 

If the game ends in a tie then there is no winner, and that money simply gets returned back into your account. 

Total Goals

Another popular betting option when it comes to soccer is betting on the total number of goals. This is also called an over/under and it’s a bet that receives plenty of action regardless of the sport. 

The over/under lines will be extremely low for soccer games, and you could see one as low as 1.5 depending on the game. You can either choose the over or under when making this type of bet. 

Correct Score

You aren’t going to see a correct score betting option for most sports, because it’s nearly impossible to do. Since scores tend to be low when it comes to soccer, you will see sportsbooks offer correct score betting lines. 

Picking the correct score of a soccer game is still a challenge, but it could come with a nice payout if you are able to get it done. 


Betting on props is another option when looking to make a bet on a soccer game. There might not be as many prop betting options for soccer as there are with other sports, but it’s not like you will find a shortage.

Making a bet on a player to score a goal is one of the most popular prop bets to make. Be sure to check out the full list of prop betting options before deciding on one to choose from. 

Half Time/ Full Time

Another way to make La Liga picks or any other league is to make what is known as a half time, full time bet. This is a wager that can come with a pretty nice payout as you are actually making a prediction on two different individual markets. 

If you want to make a half time full time bet then you are predicting the outcome of the first 45 minutes and then the outcome of the full game. There are a number of different ways that you can go with this bet, and the pregame odds are going to dictate what the odds are for this bet.