A Beginner’s Guide for Betting on Football in 2022

Football is considered to be the king of sports and, accordingly, the sport on which most bets are placed on CoinPlay. It is extremely important for the user to have some idea of how to bet on football. For this reason, in our betting guide, we have prepared some quick tips so that you can bet on your favorite team with the best football predictions.

The best bitcoin sports betting site CoinPlay offers a betting guide that will make your life easier with the best tutorials we’ve put together to make sure you always have them handy. 

Important Tips for Betting on Football

We have selected the best tips on betting on football, which we can offer bettors.

• Much more than 1-X-2 bets

Football bets, being the most popular markets, are far superior to betting pools, winning scores or double bets. More than 600 markets can be found for each match, depending on the events taking place.  Consequently, it is necessary to understand which betting markets are the main ones.

Event Analysis

This is basic and mandatory knowledge. Much more is known about football than any other sport, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ask yourself questions. Analyze a preview of the match, consult statistics, and evaluate the form of both teams and their task to win. Composition, additional factors, lineups, replacement players, and more. Any possible information can affect the course of events, which means it is useful to us.

Odds and Value Markets Search

There are bets on the market where the odds are very close to equal, especially in upcoming matches. Such as for example “both teams will score”, “more than 1.5 goals at half-time”, “total more than 2.5 goals”, etc. As for one-sided matches, a win by the favorite at halftime and at the end of the match or a clean score will always increase the value of your bet.

Going Against Trends

In addition to the previous example, in football betting, it is very important to identify current trends. For example, has a mid-table team gone five matches without an away loss? The odds of that streak being broken are getting higher and higher. Or, did last season’s best player go seven games without a goal? The end of the trend is getting closer and closer.

Football Handicap

Calculating handicap betting is an extremely important race of soccer betting tips, especially when two opposing teams meet. If you think back to the group stage of the European Championship, it is not a question of whether Portugal will beat Lithuania or Spain Malta, but with what goal difference they will do so.

The odds that most closely match this pairing can be searched for without losing value. Similarly, on two equally strong teams, a bet with a positive handicap will lower the odds, but it does not mean that the bet will lose value.

Live betting

Many factors in a soccer match become apparent only after the referee’s whistle. For example, what formation will be on the field? Or will the player I planned to bet on limp? Does my team need 3 goals to avoid relegation in the second round? Live soccer betting can also increase the value of your odds and lead to your million in encore

Avoid Common Mistakes

At all times there have been and will continue to be common mistakes in betting, so once you are familiar with them, try not to make them. Here are some of them:

Bets on Friendly Matches

Predicting such matches is extremely difficult. Despite how to correctly bet on soccer, when the preseason comes, all this information begins to lose its relevance. A team of a lower level, but with two more weeks to spare, can make life difficult for one of the great European teams, whose players are still on postseason leave and whose coach is still testing players from a related company. In short, the rules of the game completely change in the preseason.

Bet Only on Favorites 

Many of us have a favorite team that has come out on top in past seasons. But, that doesn’t mean that the same picture will happen now.  Is it worth betting on a favorite at very low odds? 

It is sometimes better to analyze and bet with a cool head.

Ways to Succeed 

Growth of the crypto gambling scene is not an easy task at all. Every player has his own theory, strategy, prediction, system and tactics, which depend on the circumstances. Because of this, it is important to find out what constitutes a bet and explore different plans, publics and methods in this direction.

It is important to consider the previous analysis that is done based on the planned bet. Studying statistics in general is necessary to increase the chances of success.

And just as you can win, you can also lose. This seems obvious and logical, but not knowing how to lose can be an even bigger problem than the loss itself. This should be clear, so there are certain tips on how to avoid mistakes and tactics to help you deal with a losing streak.

Winning is a matter of learning and understanding. Both beginners and experienced players should first and foremost assume that the bookies always have an advantage. Faced with this advantage, it is important not to give it even more at the expense of avoidable mistakes.

This soccer betting guide to gambling with BTC will try to do just that: bring the player closer to winning with helpful tips and consistent information.