Birthday Surprises Never Get Old: Surprise Your Friends With These Classic Ideas

Birthdays celebrations with lots of gifts and people around remain as prized memories forever. But surprising someone on their birthday has a different joy as well.

Surprising someone on their birthday eve with unexpected gifts is always exciting. Imagine you pretend to forget someone’s birthday, and then suddenly, throwing a surprise on the eve of their birthday can bring so much joy to the person.

Therefore, here are some artistic birthday ideas to surprise your friend on their special day.

Hidden Message on a Balloon

While sending a written message inside a bottle is quite cliché; however, you can always improvise it with fresh ideas. Therefore, try to send a well-written birthday message in a balloon.

First, inflate a balloon and then write your birthday wish or message for the person with a marker pen. Then take out the air and bring back the balloon to its usual shape, pack it and send it as a surprise.

You can also make a series of messages and send it to the person for seven days to make their birthday week an exceptional one. The person will be elated with joy and think of you lovingly for this gesture.

Make Musical Slideshows

Make a birthday playlist of their favorite songs, collect some precious old photos of the person from social media sites, and then edit them to make a musical slideshow.

You can get the songs from YouTube quickly and download them in mp3 format anytime by just using plugins or apps.

Just using modern technology, you can make one or more such slideshows to surprise your friend on their special day. Making slideshows are easy and fast and also needs less work.

You can even make use of various apps to create that awesome looking slideshow. It will leave a grand impression on your friend for a long time.

Act of Kindness

Random acts of kindness or donating in the name of the birthday boy or girl creates a lasting impression. Find out what your friend is really into, whether they are an animal lover or nature lover, and donate accordingly.

Ask them to accompany you to the animal shelter, or make a donation for green peace, or plant a tree in the name of your friend.

They will be thrilled to find that you did that to honor them.

The simple act of kindness creates a lasting impression on the human mind. They will remember you forever for the kind of surprise you gave on their birthday.

Gift a Book

Giving a book may sound old school, though, it has a lasting impact on the receiver or a book lover. Your friend may or may not be a fan of reading books, but receiving a book on the eve of birthday has its glory and charm.

Buy a book of your choice, or your friend’s choice, write a special birthday note for your friend and cover it adequately with wrapping paper. On the eve of your friend’s birthday, hand it over to them.

Letter Parade

Again, this one is old school but quite enjoyable. All you have to do is buy seven birthday cards. Write a birthday message on them and send those birthday cards through the mail.

But remember to send them via post in such a way that the receiver starts getting them each day throughout their birthday week. This will make the whole week unique for the person.

Receiving a letter with birthday messages written on it and that too for the entire birthday week has a real charm to lift anyone’s mood.

Sing For Them

Well, surprising your friend has never been easy, sing a happy birthday song, record it in your voice and send it to them. You don’t require a good voice or be a great singer. Just sing a joyful birthday song in your voice.

You can also make a video of you singing birthday song and send it to them. Voila! That’s it. A cheerful birthday song recorded in your voice for your friend will surely make their birthday eve very special.

Gift a Photo Printed Item

Grab a coffee mug or t-shirt and print a candid photo of your friend on the item and gift it to them. Everyone loves to have a printed picture and particularly on a coffee mug or a t-shirt.

If you can’t get a photo of the person, try to get a photo of something they love. It may be any picture of a place, plant, or animal. This gift will surely bring a smile on your friend’s face for years to come.

Treat Your Friend

If your friend is a foodie, then giving them a food treat will be an enormous thing on their birthday. Order the food your friends love to eat. This may be a simple pizza or cupcake or some continental dishes.

Photo Wall

You can surprise your friend with a photo wall in their room. For this, you will need several pictures of you and your friend and other group pictures as well.

You can hang them across your friend’s bedroom wall while intertwining them with golden fairy lights. This will surely make your friend happy.


This is something that will never get old. A scrapbook filled with artistic hearts and hidden messages will surely make your friend happy on their birthday. If they are a childhood friend, then you can put pictures ranging from your childhood years, teenage and straight into adulthood.

You can also hint at all the inside jokes that you have developed over the years. You can use recyclable paper for the aesthetic appeal. It will also be easy to carry all-around.


Though birthdays are always unique, it becomes more special when you take the time out of your busy life to make an effort to surprise your friend. The amount of effort you make is what counts more than anything else.

Do proper research regarding various gifting ideas and choose the one most suitable for your friend.