Bitcoin Wallet: Wide Range Of Options Available!

Bitcoin is a digital currency which means it has no physical appearance. So, it cannot be stored in the traditional locker. There are special digital lockers for storing bitcoins, and they are known as bitcoin wallets.

Before using a bitcoin wallet, you need to have proper knowledge about it. You can join the to make anonymous online transactions. There are different types of bitcoin wallets, and each one of them offers different features. Some of the unique kinds of bitcoin wallets are as follows.

Mobile wallets

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become necessary as almost everyone carries a mobile. If you are looking for maximum accessibility and want to access bitcoin anywhere and anytime, you must choose a mobile bitcoin wallet.

Mobile wallet is the most popular bitcoin wallet, and it allows you to access bitcoins and make transactions from your mobile phone in a flash of seconds. These wallets can be installed on your smartphone, and you can access them anywhere via the Internet.

If you are choosing a mobile bitcoin wallet, you must be careful and ensure that it is compatible with the operating system using your mobile phone. There are mainly two operating systems used in mobile phones; iOS and Android.

So, you better check its compatibility with your mobile so that you can use all the features with ease. There are few other features too that you need to consider, such as user interface, Backup options, security, etc.

Paper wallets

With the wave of digitization, digital bitcoin wallet has become immensely popular, but when they were not there, the paper wallet was used to store bitcoins. A paper wallet is a highly secure wallet and safeguards the assets from online threats such as hacking, phishing, etc. It is a piece of paper with a QR code imprinted on it. You can scan that QR code to make a transaction and access the bitcoin stored in the wallet.

With the advancement in technology, bitcoin users have stopped using a paper wallet, but if you want maximum safety for the bitcoins, it is one of the best options.

If you are using a paper wallet, you must be highly careful as if it gets damaged, you may lose access to your bitcoins. Moreover, anyone can use the paper wallet to gain access to your bitcoins, so it is necessary to store them in a safe location.

It stores the private keys offline, which keeps them safe from all kinds of cyber threats. If accessibility doesn’t matter to you, you must use a paper wallet for storing bitcoins.

Hardware wallets

There are several types of bitcoin wallets, but one of the most recommended wallets is the hardware wallet. It is an offline wallet that offers the best security and keeps the private keys and public addresses safe. It is a USB device in which bitcoins are stored, and it also has a small screen through which you can access all the options and navigate through them. You can simply connect it to a computer like a USB drive and access the bitcoin stored in it.

The best part about hardware wallets is that they are immune to all kinds of viruses and malware, which allows you to connect it to any system, even if it’s infected. It is the safest type of bitcoin wallet, and if you want to keep your bitcoins safe from hackers, viruses, and malware, there is no better option than a hardware wallet.

Its price is around $40 to $450, which is quite expensive, but if you want maximum security, you will have to pay the maximum price for it. It allows you to store 22 different digital currencies other than bitcoin.

Desktop bitcoin wallet

Another popular bitcoin wallet is desktop wallets. As understood from the name itself, it is a wallet that you can install on your computer like software and use to make bitcoin transactions. These wallets are available for all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

Most of the well-reputed and popular bitcoin wallets have launched a desktop version of themselves. These wallets are immensely easy to use as you can simply launch them on your PC and access all the features. You must ensure that you have a reliable antivirus installed on the system so that the crypto assets stored in the wallet stay safe.

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