The Best Blackjack Betting Guide for Beginners

Playing blackjack in a single session could be a huge way to step up and win some money. The game of Blackjack is extremely simple as you are given two cards and are competing against the dealer with the object of getting as close to 21 as possible without going over.

The number cards are the value they show; the face cards are worth 10 points, while the ace are either one or 11 points, whichever is more beneficial to the person. Today, we are going to discuss some effective ways to play Blackjack for this game. 

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Counting Cards Actually Works

One thing that the casinos have done is making sure it is in the minds of the bettors that counting cards are illegal. However, the biggest thing is the fact that there is nothing illegal of keeping track of the cards.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, counting cards is giving each card a point value, so typically, the 2-6 cards are +1, the 7-9 cards are zero, and the 10-ace cards are -1 and keeping a running track of the cards in a shoot can help you predict what cards are likely coming up. 

If you have a -5 score, that means the face cards with more value are likely to be coming up in the shoot as dealers typically play with upwards of 10 different decks to differentiate the cards. However, the idea is that the fact that it is not rocket science as you still need to play the game without making mistakes on your counting or how you play the game. It is a way to make sure you have a bit of an edge on the house and can win more hands.     

Understand How to Examine the Dealer’s Hand

If you have a king and a six while the dealer is showing a five, that means you have a slight advantage. You add the king and the six, and that equates to 16 while the dealer is showing five. The idea is to examine the dealer’s hand as if they are sitting with a 10-point card faced down as you play. So in the example above, with the dealer showing five, make your move with the idea that the dealer has a 15 as the five, and a face card would add up to that. 

Have a Grasp of What the Dealer is and is not Allowed to do

The best thing about Blackjack is that the dealer’s hands are essentially tied behind their backs, so you can have a bit of an advantage. This typically depends on the table you are playing at but let’s use this as an example. A table could have the rule that the dealer cannot hit on a soft 17 so let’s explain how to use that to our advantage. 

Say you have a 17 by whatever way you do, and the dealer is showing a six-faced up. The dealer could have a face card adding up to 16, but due to the rules of the table, they would have to take another card and could have a better chance at busting.

Use that to your advantage as that would mean more cards are shown if you are counting cards to add to your values or even just knowing that the expected win is pointed in your direction for that hand as the dealer would be forced to play on a 16 or lower compared to a more logical choice of staying at 16, even if the entire table stops at 15.